What is the expected UK’s GDP for 2021? IMF increases its forecast

The International Monetary Fund raised its forecast for Britain's economic growth to outpace that of Western Europe this year after a downturn in 2020. According...

US economy has added more jobs in March 2021 than was expected

The US economy has added 916,000 jobs last month, much more than was expected. The uneployment rate felt from 6.2% to 6%. This means that...

China’s industrial performance is accelerating in January-February

China accelerates its industrial growth in early 2021. According to Reuters calculations, China's industrial profits rose 179 percent in January and February 2021 to...

How pandemic boosted inequality

In 2020, the world faces an unprecedented crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Borders have closed, unemployment has risen, and low-income households have been...

What is share buyback?

- Share buyback is when the company is repurchasing stocks from its holders.

- Usually, companies are doing this to increase their own capitalization.

- Big companies are preferring share buyback instead of paying dividends.

Should Big Tech be broken up? I think no.

- Big Tech shouldn’t be broken up.

- Antitrust law can’t be applied to Big Tech companies, as the times have changed.

- There’s no fair tax that can help to control Big Tech.