Can Courts Verify If You Have Car Insurance?


The question sounds strange, but sometimes a person may have the problem of lack of insurance. Suppose you didn’t have insurance when you were stopped or you just didn’t get it. We consider two cases.

Can I Prove That I Forgot Home Insurance?

If you just forgot her at home, then inform the policeman and then the judge. In court, you will be asked to provide insurance, and if it was, then you will be fined for not providing proof of insurance.

Can I Prove That I Had Insurance If I Didn`t Have?

But if you did not have insurance at the time of issuing the ticket, then everything becomes more complicated. After you have been issued a ticket, you decide to go to the company and get insurance for the car. And at this moment you have a thought: can I prove in court that I had insurance?

Your case in most situations will develop as follows:
Step One. You were stopped by a police officer, asked to check your insurance and wrote you a ticket.
Step Two. After receiving the ticket, you will go to the insurance company and make insurance.
Step Three. At the hearing, the prosecution will be provided by a police officer who states that at the time of the inspection you did not have insurance or you could not show it.

In this case, keep in mind that in most states you will be punished regardless of whether you had insurance or you simply did not take it with you. In this case, you will be punished regardless of whether you issue it later or not. Also, even in jurisdictions where different penalties are applicable for these two actions, police officers may record that you “did not provide proof of insurance.”

However, it makes sense to take out insurance immediately after the incident, as judges may consider this to be imperfect compliance rather than non-compliance. This means that you will receive less punishment and next time you will avoid such situations.


Should you try to deceive the court? Of course not, because this is a very risky activity, which can turn into serious problems. Among them:

  1. You will lie to the police representative for a question on the insurance, claiming that you have it at home.
  2. You will lie in court, which can entail serious consequences.

Most states have electronic databases. Therefore, even if you take out insurance on the same day, it will be issued later than the ticket was issued to you.


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