How to check Android phone IMEI number


As you know, almost everyone today can track a device. There are a lot of programs, various devices, and even law enforcement organizations that can help you with this. With such a variety of ways people often lose sight of the fact that the simplest and most accessible way has always been available and there is no need to go anywhere or install anything. We’re talking about the IMEI number, the equivalent of an ID on a PC. 

What is IMEI number?

The IMEI number is used for various purposes. For example, you can use it to check if a used phone has been stolen or blocked when you buy it. You can also provide an IMEI number as a guarantee that the phone is yours when you return it to a repair shop or check if it was insured before it came to you.

But the most important and interesting function of an IMEI number is that in case the phone is stolen you can lock it to the network, and thus cut off the robbers from using the phone for its natural purpose: cellular communication. In that case, you can also trace it, but that’s for another time. 

How to find your IMEI on Android

Sometimes the ways of finding the IMEI number on an Android may differ, but the basic scheme is always almost the same. In order to find the number, go through the following chain: Settings > About Phone > Status, General > About Device > Status (or similar). 

Some phones will allow you to copy the number immediately, others will not, and you may need to take a screenshot or just write it down somewhere. But even if the result is different for each Android model, the point is that finding the IMEI number isn’t difficult and can be done by anyone. 


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