How To Fix Amazon Echo Isn’t Connecting to Wi-Fi Network

Sometimes the light on your Amazon Echo may start spinning orange and this means that your Amazon Echo is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. In this case, your commands won’t be executed because the Echo isn’t connected to the Internet.

Generally, all problems can be divided into two categories:

  • Problems with Wi-Fi router;
  • Problems with Amazon Echo.

The good news is that no matter what exactly caused the problem, you can still fix the Amazon Echo and restore your Wi-Fi connection. Here’s what you should do.

My Amazon Echo won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Let’s start by checking the Wi-Fi router. Often, the Amazon Echo has a poor Wi-Fi connection (or even can’t establish it) because the router is transmitting a weak signal. To begin with, you can simply check the connection of other devices to the Wi-Fi network. For example, take your smartphone or tablet and try watching videos on YouTube. This is the easiest way to check the quality of your Wi-Fi connection and if the video is lagging, that means the problem is with your router.

Also, you can use services to test your Internet connection speed to see how fast your Internet. If it is too slow, the Amazon Echo simply won’t be able to process the commands correctly.

In case you’re connecting Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi for the first time, you can check if the password you entered is correct. Usually, people simply enter the wrong password and, as a result, the Amazon Echo cannot access the Internet. If you’ve already connected the Amazon Echo to the Wi-Fi network, but recently changed your Wi-Fi password, you should disconnect the Amazon Echo and reconnect it by entering a new password.

Some routers block access for new devices, so you can check this in your router settings. In case the router blocks new devices, you must connect the Amazon Echo using the WPS button. We recommend you try connecting your Amazon Echo to another Wi-Fi network, for example, you can share mobile Internet using your smartphone and try connecting the Amazon Echo to the new network. In case it works with any other Wi-Fi network, the problem with your router would be confirmed.

To summarize, you should first check if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi router or the Internet connection in general, for this we recommend:

  • Check if the Internet works on other devices;
  • Check the Internet connection speed via special services;
  • Check if your password is correct;
  • If your router blocks new devices from connecting, you must allow Amazon Echo to connect in your router settings;
  • You can also use the WPS button to connect instantly;
  • Try connecting the Amazon Echo to another network to see how it works.

My Amazon Echo doesn’t work despite a good Wi-Fi connection

In this case, the most common problem may be a program error or placing the Amazon Echo near appliances that distort the Wi-Fi signal (such as near a microwave oven or a baby monitor.

First, place your Amazon Echo so that it isn’t standing next to other devices. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your Amazon Echo to factory defaults.

In some cases, the problem may be a software lag. In this case, you simply need to unplug the Amazon Echo and wait for a while, then try connecting the Amazon Echo to the Wi-Fi network again.

Don’t forget that all Amazon Echo’s have a one-year warranty, so in case none of the above works, you better contact Amazon and exchange your Amazon Echo for another.

Sometimes resetting Alexa on the Amazon Echo to factory defaults can help. In this case, you will lose all data stored in the Amazon Echo, but it may help eliminate the software problems.

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