How To Fix Google Chrome Tabs Crashing

Crashing tabs in your Google Chrome account is an issue almost all users are facing time-to-time. If you’re one of such unlucky Chrome users, don’t be upset. Sometimes that issue is easier to fix than you can expect. It looks like you are getting ‘Aw, Snap!’ on your screen, and to restore the page you should reload it. That’s inconvenient if you’re just reading something, but it becomes a nightmare if you’re writing something or filling the forms, as they won’t be saved and you would need to start everything from scratch.

My Google Chrome Tabs are crashing, what’s the problem?

I faced the same issue a day ago, so I start googling what the problem can be. Based on all info that I’ve read, I can say that in 90% of cases the problem is your cache. I’ve read that some authors say that can be problems with your Internet connection, but I don’t think so, just because when there’s no Internet connection, you would see info about this in your Google Chrome, not ‘Aw, Snap’ tab.

How to clear your Google Chrome cache

First of all, you need to:

  1. Click ‘More‘ at the top of your browser panel (it looks like 3 dots), -> More Tools -> Clear browsing Data;
  2. Select ‘All Time‘ next to the time range;
  3. Select only ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and files‘. Never select ‘Passwords and other info‘ as you will lose everything related to your passwords, banking card info, and everything else (so you would need to fill all these fields from scratch and that would be boring and would take too much time);
  4. Click ‘Clear Data‘.

What else can I do to prevent my Google Chrome Tabs from crashing?

I’m 90% sure that clearing cash would help you, but if no, then there are some other things you can try:

  1. Clear your PC cache using CCleaner or any other clear-cashing tool;
  2. Re-install Google Chrome;
  3. Deactivate all Extensions and apps you aren’t using.

Our PC is storing a lot of unuseful information, including a lot of Google Chrome extensions, that doesn’t work. If so, you should just check a list of Google Chrome extensions and deactivate or even delete all of them you aren’t using now.

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