How to fix your Google AdSense account suspended due to invalid traffic: What to do?


Note: this article was suggested by one of our readers based on a problem he had faced with. We aren’t part of the Google Support team and we aren’t related to Google and everything is written below is based exclusively on our reader’s own experience.

What does a Google AdSense suspended account mean?

Google has thousands (or even millions) of publishers working with the Google AdSense network in order to monetize their content through advertising and, accordingly, the company is running algorithms to control its publishers.

The company is interested in providing advertisers with the best publishers and seeks to avoid publishers who try to defraud the company and advertisers. For example, some unscrupulous publishers use traffic spoofing, attracting invalid traffic to their website. Also, unscrupulous publishers may use various dirty methods to make visitors click on advertisements when they are not interested in them. Some bad publishers even order ad clicks to generate extra revenue.
Of course, all of these actions are detrimental to advertisers and Google, so the company seeks to detect such actions and punish publishers.

Google uses algorithms to detect such fraudulent actions, because the company has too many publishers to control them all manually. If your website (or one of your websites) violated Google’s AdSense policy, your account may be suspended.

Why is my Google AdSense account suspended?

Google suspends accounts for violating AdSense policy. The common reasons your AdSense account may be suspended include:

  1. Clicking your own ads.
  2. Third-parties clicking your own ads.
  3. Invalid traffic activity (for example, a lot of paid invalid traffic from social networks).
    Google algorithms are very rarely wrong, so the stupidest thing you can do is blame Google for suspensions. It would be much more fruitful to analyze your website to see what might have caused it.

How do I Unsuspend a Google AdSense account?

Usually, suspension lasts for 30 days. This is the time you can use to analyze your website and find the problem.
I recommend you start by reading the AdSense Program Policies, this will help you understand what is forbidden and what is allowed. Of course, ideally you should have studied these rules when applying to Google AdSense, but if you have not done so or do not remember very well, it is better to reread them again.

No appeals on suspension are accepted now, so you’ll have to wait until the restrictions are lifted.

What to do if my Google AdSense account is suspended?

Like I said, the dumbest thing is to start blaming Google. You have to understand that the company has an interest in getting as many GOOD publishers working with Google AdSense as possible, but restrictions (as far as I understand) are imposed by an algorithm based on analysis of your AdSense account. You have 30 days to analyze your website and find out what might have caused the restriction.

First of all ask yourself: ‘Did I intentionally violate Google AdSense policy?’. If you just like to sit around with a VPN and click ads on your site, then don’t be surprised, you’ve been restricted for doing so. Or you sometimes ask your friends or visitors to “Support my website”. In that case, you got what you deserved. Just don’t do fraudulent actions anymore and you’ll have a chance that Google would unsuspend you after suspension period.

But now we are not talking about those cases where you yourself provoked the restriction. We’re talking about cases where you simply publish new content and get restricted. Of course, it may seem unfair to you, but as I said before, the most useless thing to do is to complain in forums (like the Google AdSense Community). It won’t do any harm, but it won’t do any good either.

I’m writing about cases where you’ve been restricted and don’t know why. Let’s say you analyzed your own actions and realized that you didn’t violate Google AdSense policy. In this case you need to analyze the behavior of your users and visitors.

Analyze Google AdSense analytics

I recommend checking AdSense analytics as often as you can. Google writes off invalid clicks after a while, but if you check Google AdSense analytics at least once every couple of hours, you can spot invalid activity and prevent it before Google would restrict your account.

If your account is already suspended, then most likely Google AdSense analytics will not help you, simply because most likely by this time the Google algorithm has already removed invalid clicks from your account.

Check Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help solve your problem. As you know, your Adsense should be linked to Google Analytics. All you need to do is do a traffic analysis. For example, maybe you have had an incomprehensible increase in traffic (for example, you have bought a lot of ads on social networks). Also, you can compare the growth of clicks on the ads. Keep in mind that the number of clicks on Adsense ads would be a couple times higher than the number of click in AdSense analytics, as Google Analytics counts all click on the ads, while Google AdSense only real ones.

However, analyzing Google Analytics can help you a lot.

Analyze PHP logs

That’s the best way to find invalid activity on your website, as your PHP logs can tell you how users are acting on your website.

What to do to get your AdSense account unsuspended?

As I said, there’s nothing you can do, as you can’t appeal the suspension. However, you can take action in order to prevent problems in the future. You may do the following:

  1. Protect your website from bots;
  2. Don’t buy invalid traffic;
  3. Check your website’s compliance with AdSense rules;

Harmful advices you may find on the Web

There are a lot of harmful advices around the Web. Of course, I have no pure understanding of how Google AdSense algorithms are working, but I think this advices may have negative impact. Here they are:

  1. Remove all Google ads from your website. This may help (at least I heard such stories), but if you won’t find a problem, your account may be suspended once again.
  2. Remove your website from AdSense. That’s won’t help, as your account is still suspended. Also, there may be problems with re-applying your website to Google AdSense program.
  3. Buy additional traffic. That’s 100% harmful advice, as Google is interested in publishers with organic traffic. That means that people coming to your website would be interested in your content and part of them would be interested in ads displayed on your website. So buying additional traffic (as well as any traffic) is very harmful action.

Of course, I described the problem without a lot of details, but my suggestion is simple – just check your website for compliance with Google Adsense rules. If you find any violations, try to get rid of them. If you are a conscientious publisher, you will be unsuspended after a while.

Note: this article was suggested by one of our readers based on a problem he had faced with. We aren’t part of the Google Support team and we aren’t related to Google and everything is written below is based exclusively on our reader’s own experience.


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