A factory reset is a very effective way to deal with problems and lags, as it returns your device to its original settings and clears all data. Of course, this is a quite extreme method as you lose all data on your Amazon Echo and would need to set-up it from scratch. However, if nothing else works and your Amazon Echo keeps lagging (e.g. can’t connect to Wi-Fi), this is often the only way to fix the problem.

The ways of resetting to factory settings are different for different generations of Amazon Echo, and we’ll explain at all of them below.

Amazon Echo 1st Generation Factory Reset

  • Use a thin object (e.g. a SIM card extractor pin) to press and hold the RESET button for about 5 seconds. During this time the light will first turn orange and then blue;
  • After you release the button, Alexa will be reset to factory settings and the light will turn orange, signaling that you must connect the Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi.

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Factory Reset

  • Press and hold the volume down and mute buttons for at least 3 seconds. The LED will then turn orange and then blue;
  • After you release the buttons, Alexa will return to the factory settings and the light will turn orange.

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Factory Reset

For the third-generation Amazon Echo, the reset process is a little more complicated and takes a little longer:

  • Press and hold the ACTION button for 40 seconds. The light should turn orange and then fade out;
  • You need to wait about 20 seconds more until the light turns blue;
  • After about another 20 seconds, the light will turn orange again, which will mean that the Amazon Echo has returned to its factory settings.

Always keep in mind that a factory reset is a last solution and shouldn’t be used as soon as you face the problem. Try other solutions first, and only if all else fails, proceed to resetting.