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How to write for Splaitor

Hi there! Splaitor is a new, but fast-growing publication and we would be really happy if you decide to contribute to our website. However, there are some things we should clarify.

First of all, I kindly ask not to send promotional articles (any story that promotes service, product, or business) as a contribution. However, you’re always welcome to send them as sponsored content to business@splaitor.com (you can also learn more to explore our marketing solutions).

After we clarified this point, here’s how you can write for us.

There are three ways you can write for Splaitor: become a staff writer, become a freelance writer, or become a contributor.

How to work with us

Learn more about Splaitor Company career opportunities.

How to become a freelance writer

We’re always looking for freelance authors for any area we’re covering. If you want to become a freelance author on a regular basis, our editors will provide you with ideas about what to post. However, you’re always free to offer your ideas and, if they match with our editorial policy, they would be also accepted.

Freelancers may write articles like guides, how-to’s, commentary, analytical reports, and general-interest stories.

Our best advice to understand whether being a freelance author is for you – read our site. That will give you an understanding of what stories we’re posting and will help you to understand whether that corresponds with your writing style.

Our freelance writers are paid, however, the rates depend on a wide variety of factors: time needed to write an article, level of author’s expertise, length of the story, research involved in writing, and other factors. In the form below, you can write down the rate you’re expecting to be paid. That will help our editors to make a decision.

If you would be accepted as a freelance author – you will discuss the rates in detail with the proper editor before you start writing content.

If you’re interested in freelancing, fill out this form and one of our editors will get in touch with you.

How to contribute to us

In case you want to contribute a story to Splaitor, you can write at contributions@splaitor.com.

We accept contributions for areas we cover – Tech, Business, Money, Culture, Life, and Reviews

We’re looking for submissions from authors who have expertise in the area they’re going to cover. That may be analysis, in-depth commentary, guide or how-to article, or any other expert advice.

We don’t accept promotional or sponsored posts as contributions, which means you should always disclose the conflict of interest. However, you can include links to your website or blog. Also, keep in mind that contributors (unlike freelance authors) aren’t paid.

Here’s what you should know

There are some things you should know if you want to write for Splaitor:

  • You need to disclose any confict of interest. The editor will ask you to provide information about the potential conflict of interest and you should be honest, as that’s the part of our Ethics Policy.
  • Editors may make editorial revisions or ask for them. That’s the part of the process – so that’s better to expect them before you start. For example, editors may correct grammar mistakes, add aditional links to support evidences you’ve provided, or ask you for additional clarifications or edits.
  • We may ask you for your bio. The bio will be included in your profile description, so editors may ask for some information about your background (as your past working experience, your level of expertise or ask information about your academical degree).
  • We don’t accept reprints or any other content that was posted anywhere else except Splaitor. The story you’re going to sent should be unique for Splaitor.
  • You can include a link to your blog and you will give a full cridential as an author. Since we don’t accept any sponsored and promotional posts as a contribution, you can still post a link to your blog in the article. The link is dofollow. However, that includes only links to your personal blog or website, in case you aren’t running any business, don’t sell or promote any service or product.
  • The editor reserves the right to change the headline and make the final decision regarding the headline. That means that the final decision for your article’s headline is reserved by Splaitor and our editor would make a final decision.
  • We reserve the right to translate your content to other languages for a websites, that are part of Splaitor Syndication. That includes our international editions. However, you would be credit as an author in this regard.

How to reach our team directly

Despite our strong advice to send freelance and contribution inquiries through the proper method listed above – you can also contact our editors if you believe that story you want to publish is of high importance.

Thank you for reading Splaitor. We appreciate that you’re here.

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