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Introducing New Splaitor Quality and Fact-Checking Policy

Half a year after Splaitor was launched, we realized that there was one thing we had completely forgotten about. We forgot to tell you what we’re aiming for when we tell you stories.

So now I want to set the record straight and put out this post about our quality and fact-checking policy.

Splaitor is a new media that is just beginning its journey, so we especially value the quality of the information we provide through our website.

Splaitor hosts a lot of content on a variety of topics, so our standards vary for different types of stories. The only thing that remains the same is that we always strive to keep our content user-friendly, authentic and fresh.

Here’s how our quality guidelines vary for different types of stories.

Splaitor News Quality and Fact-Checking Policy

We don’t view Splaitor as news media, but we may still publish news stories if we think they might be of interest to our readers and bring them the insights they need.

In most cases, it won’t just be news, but stories that are based on news.

In any case, we choose our news sources carefully. In fact, there may be several:

  • News already published in reputable publications.
  • News from our anonymous sources. Although we cannot disclose such sources, each source is carefully checked to see how reliable it is. If the source is not 100% reliable, we will publish a note to that effect.
  • News from public sources. In that case, the source must be reliable and have a reputation in the topic about which they provide news or tip.

If we use news in our stories, we make sure to attach a link to the original source (or the source via which the news was obtained). Also, we check any news to ensure that we publish only authentic content.

These things happen, but our stories may contain fake news, in which case we will always publish a rebuttal.

Splaitor General-Interest Stories Quality Policy

Much of our content is General-Interest stories (including Culture and Life sections), which can be written by a variety of authors (both Splaitor employees or regular contributors and guest authors).

No matter who the story is written by, we make no distinction in quality, so any story published on Splaitor always meets a few things:

  • Fact-checking. Before a story is published, it is always vetted by the editor-in-chief and/or the editor in charge of one of the areas (Tech, Business, Personal Finance, Culture/Life), including fact checking.
  • User-centred. We don’t publish clickbait stories just to attract traffic, each story should serve one of our purposes: to educate, help or entertain. So even if our headlines sound rather bold, you can be sure that the information in the article matches the headline and there’s no clickbait.
  • Containing up-to-date information. Our stories are written by people who have relevant experience and qualifications in what they’re writing about. Therefore, authors always write only fresh content that won’t mislead the reader.
  • Written by expert authors. Yes, our stories can be written both regular author or guest author, but each author has enough experience to reveal the sense of the story in enough depth. If we’re talking about a guest author, we will always check the author’s background before accepting such a post to understand how much information in their story can be considered reliable.

Splaitor Guides and How-To’s Quality Policy

Another thing we really love is the guides and the How-to’s. Not only because it generates a lot of traffic, but also because we, just like any other people, have been faced with the urgent need to find a solution or an answer to any question. Even if the question seems too trivial to search for an answer.

So, since we ourselves often use different How-to’s and guides, we are just 100% sure that they should be on our site because this is what makes everyone’s life a little easier.

And here are the things we aim for in stories of this type:

  • Written by experts. Of course, just about anyone can write a Guide or How-to post if given enough time to search the Web. However, our goal is to provide expert content, so all the guides and How-to posts are written by people who have been involved in the tech industry for years and know about tech at an expert level.
  • Fact-checking. If the author isn’t sure if a method will work, they are obliged to let the readers know.
  • No clickbait. We don’t do clickbait headlines, so what you find in the post is 100% true to the headline.
  • No water. What makes Guides and How-to’s special is that sometimes the posts get very small, because the solution to the problem is pretty obvious. In this case we don’t fill the post with water, but publish only information that is relevant to the topic.
  • Confirmed by experts. If we publish a guest post in Guides section, the information in it will be verified by experts (usually an editor of Tech section or editor of Guides section. If they don’t have enough time to check the post, it will be checked by one of Senior Contributors).

Splaitor Business and Personal Finance Content Quality Policy

Anything we write about business or personal finance is not a guide to action, but just stories that can entertain you, tell you something new or make you think. That’s why we’re especially careful with this type of content because we understand that some people are very impressionable.

So stories about business or finance are checked even more carefully, including fact-checking, conflict-of-interest checking, and checking the author’s expertise. Typically there is a triple check for stories from the Business or Personal Finance section:

  • First, the story is checked by the author before it is offered for publication.
  • Then the story is read by one of the senior contributors and given an opinion on three points: how useful it is, how relevant it is, and how reliable the facts are.
  • The story will then be reviewed by a Business or Personal Finance editor (depending on which section it appears in)

Likewise, each business or personal finance story must meet the following five criteria:

  • Reliability of sources (such stories should always have links to reliable sources)
  • No inducements to action
  • No clickbait in the headline
  • Author’s expertise
  • Relevance of the information

Splaitor Personal Opinion Quality and Fact-Checking Policy

Another type of content that we accept very carefully is Personal Opinion. There are a total of three options for this type of content:

  • Personal Opinion by an authority in the industry, written in his own words or from another reliable source
  • Personal Opinion of Splaitor authors or contributors
  • Personal Opinion by an authority in the industry written specifically for Splaitor

Any personal opinion that’s published on Splaitor must meet several things:

  • Source’s expertice
  • Source’s authoritativeness
  • Source’s trustworthiness

Splaitor Headlines Policy

All headlines for stories on Splaitor must fully address the content and not be clickbait. Since we don’t like clickbait ourselves, we are strictly against it appearing in our media.

Vladislav Lanski
Vladislav Lanski
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.



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