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Introducing Splaitor Ethics Policy

Here at Splaitor, we are very careful about ethics, which includes many things like:

  • We never publish attacks on people, companies or brands to damage their reputations
  • We try to be objective and get rid of any bias in topics we cover
  • We try to be focused on the interests of the public and every person in particular
  • We always provide a link to the original source because we believe that creating an ecosystem is an important part of our contribution.
  • We always try to disclose conflicts of interest if they arise. If we didn’t do it right away, we will add to the story to disclose the conflict of interest. If the conflict is particularly important, we will publish an additional story to explain it.

Giving Credit to the Original Source

An important part of the Web is that almost all information is freely available. However, we believe it is very important to provide links to the original source because it helps create a healthy ecosystem.

And we try to do that all the time.

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