Is Dota 2 beginner-friendly? Dota 2 update makes it easier for newcomers


Dota 2 has always been a complex game. It started as a mod for Warcraft and worked its way up to a standalone game that was released by Valve in 2011. However, after peaking in 2015, Dota 2 continues to lose an active audience, and here’s why.

The problem is that Dota 2 itself is a very complex game. It has almost 200 heroes and only one map (yes, only one). However, this variety of heroes and items makes the game too varied and complex. As a result, newcomers find that they simply can’t figure out how to play it.

Reinforce this with a toxic community, where you may encounter hate speech and insults as early as the first match in this game. On average, a Dota 2 match lasts about 40 minutes, which means that you have to endure about 40 minutes of insults and swearing before you can start a new game.

I play Dota 2 and it took me about 6 months to learn how to play it at least at an average level.

I think this is a great answer to why Dota 2 has a very low new player intake.

Dota 2 update should change the situation and make it easier for newcomers

A new Dota 2 update is going to remedy this situation by offering a new mode for newcomers, in which they will be able to participate in training games in which they will face the same newcomers.

What’s more, the newbie can leave the game at any time, so if something went wrong, you can simply leave that game and start the next one.

Moreover, Valve also added a trainer mode where more experienced players can help newcomers and explain them basic things in the game.

Of course, this doesn’t completely fix the problems with the game’s complexity and toxic community, but it will make Dota 2 much more beginner-friendly.


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