Is Elon Musk really Technoking of Tesla?


Yeah, even though it sounds weird as hell. Tesla Inc. has indeed renamed the position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to Technoking of Tesla.

In fact, any company can call any position whatever it wants (or whatever the shareholder meeting decides), so yes, it’s certainly a loud headline, but nothing more.

Everything remains as before, just now the CEO of Tesla Inc. would be renamed into Technoking of Tesla Inc. And CFO (Chief Financial Officer) would be renamed to Master of Coin.

Both positions are obviously a reference to The Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin (I think everyone knows about this saga thanks to Game of Thrones).

Why Tesla renamed CEO to Technoking?

There is one thing Elon Musk is definitely good at. And that is marketing. This entrepreneur is literally creating an infomercial out of nothing. It’s just another trick to draw attention to the company and its stocks.

Sure, we can take it seriously, but I would take it as just another way to create information buzz.

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