Ryan Reynolds announced “Deadpool 3” with a release date

Hugh Jackman will return to play Wolverine.

Deezer can now detect the songs you’re humming

The algorithm still isn't perfect, but developers will improve it in the future.

Logitech unveils its first mechanical keyboard for Mac

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac has also a new light gray color scheme

Google Chrome’s latest update launch today

The Google Chrome 106 update is already available for download on desktop devices.

HBO shows the first Last of Us series trailer

HBO Max finally showed us the first trailer of The Last Of US. It sheds light on many series scenes.

Meta plans to make it easier to switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram

Account Center will make it easy for you to use both apps.

Apple Watch Ultra proved rugged but not easily repairable

It will be more difficult to repair the new Apple Watch model yourself.

Apple Pay Later delayed until next year due to “technical and engineering” problems

The feature was supposed to appear in iOS 16, but something went wrong.

Amazon’s second Prime day coming soon

It's been rumored for months that Amazon will hold another big sale for their Prime members. Now Amazon has officially announced the deal. Amazon...

Amazon’s 2022 Echo and Ring Launch Event this Wednesday, what you should expect

An Amazon event is about to launch at which the company will unveil its new devices and talk about its plans.

The new Windows 11 update makes the system much better

The Windows 11 2H22 update brought many innovations that users waited for a very long time.

Nothing is preparing a new pair of earbuds

What should you expect from the new earbuds?

Amazon shows their new Fire HD 8 Tablets with wireless charging

Amazon has released a new generation of Fire HD 8 tablets.

Windows 11 latest update cause some troubles for Nvidia users

The latest Windows update is causing problems for some Nvidia graphics card users.

Google reveals their new Chromecast

Google released a cheaper model of their streaming device - Chromecast HD

Intel stop using the Pentium and Celeron brands

Intel is starting to get rid of its two old processor lines.

Framework released the best Chromebook

What's new from the Framework?

Users sued Meta for dodging Apple’s privacy rules

Company has been accused of using workarounds to track users.

Nvidia reveals new RTX 4000 series

Nvidia introduced the next generation of the most powerful graphics cards in the world.

Logitech’s new cloud-first Steam Deck competitor

Logitech has unveiled several new devices, including the Logitech G CLOUD gaming handheld. According to the company, the device will go on sale in...

The most significant leak in video game history happened this week with Rockstar

A huge leak about the next part of GTA happened with Rockstar.

EVGA no longer cooperates with NVIDIA, the company stopped producing video cards

One of the largest manufacturers of video cards Nvidia announced the end of production of new video cards.

Instagram wants to protect users from nudity messages

Meta is testing new nudity protection feature on Instagram.

Apple is responding to numerous user requests and changing the battery percentage icon in iOS 16

In the new iOS beta, Apple decided to give the battery indicator back more dynamics.

Twitch will ban streaming of gambling websites in October

From October 18, it will ban streaming from websites without a license.

iPhone 14 Pro is quite difficult to repair, unlike other new models

It will be more difficult to repair some iPhone 14 Pro parts yourself.

What is Zartico, the platform that provides analytics and visualizations to DMOs and raised $20 million in Series A funding

Tourism is one of the last "big industries" to become empowered with big data. That can be easily explained. Despite being one of the...

Uber cybersecurity engineers are investigating a new incident

Uber was hacked and the attacker left a mocking message.

Deathloop will be available on Xbox Game Pass on September 20th

The first-person shooter was a PS5 exclusive, but is now coming to the Xbox.

Zoom plans to create its own email and calendar apps

Zoom may attempt to compete with Gmail and Outlook.

The updated Xbox app for PC now has a built-in ‘HowLongToBeat’

The function will help you understand how much time you will spend on the passage of a particular game.

Discord is about to add forums

These will be updated forums that Discord users will be able to create in their channels.

New Apple A17 chip would be based on TSMC’s latest N3E technology

According to Nikkei Asia, Apple will use an updated version of TSMC's chip-producing technology in its iPhones and Macs. The A17 chip currently under...

Twitter starts sharing podcasts with Blue subscribers

Twitter has updated the Spaces tab. You can now test it.

Senators demand Twitter CEO respond to whistleblower claims

It looks like Twitter isn't going to get out of the internal security breach story anytime soon.

iOS 16 has a widget-shaped shortcut for playing Dino in Chrome

The good old Google dinosaur won't let you get bored if your Apple device loses internet connection.

HBO and Apple TV+ collected 16 Emmy Awards overall

Oddly enough, Netflix was only 3rd in the number of awards this year.

How scammers are tricking people into unlocking stolen iPhone

Can a scammer unlock iCloud on a lost iPhone? Is it worth worrying about?

Apple has revealed the battery capacity of all iPhone 14 models

The battery capacity of the new iPhone model, slightly increased compared to the 13th line.

The Elden Ring soundtrack is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

Enjoy listening to great music from the beloved by a large number of gamers RPG.

Comcast launches 2 Gbps internet service in four states

At first there will be certain limitations, but then the download speed will reach 10 Gbps.

Winamp released the first stable update in 4 years

The music player Winamp has received a new update which has brought quite a few changes. The developers are still working on improving their player.

Netflix is going to release episodes weekly

Netflix is going to give up its main feature. Soon the streaming episodes will be released once a week.

T-Mobile free Wi-Fi will be available on more planes

More offers for free Wi-Fi from T-Mobile will soon be available on planes.