Should you buy a smart toilet?

No, smart toilet doesn't worth its price. Don't even think about it.

Google Fiber will offer new high-speed internet plans in early 2023

Reportedly, two plans will be introduced. 5 and 8 Gbps.

Why is repair cheaper with an interior designer?

What does a designer do who saves clients money?

What are the best apps to use to organize housework with your family?

Scheduling your routine in apps can help you and your family cope with these tasks.

How to save money washing clothes?

By following these methods you can save resources.

Why should you turn off the lights when you leave the house?

How much will you save by turning off the lights?

How to fix EOS Webcam Utility not working

Here's possible fixes when your EOS Webcam Utility isn't working on your PC.

Comcast launches 2 Gbps internet service in four states

At first there will be certain limitations, but then the download speed will reach 10 Gbps.

How safe is CamScanner?

Many CamScanner app users worry about their security, as they entrust the app with important documents. However, is CamScanner really that safe?

Philips Hue releases a light strip and you can sync it with your computer

The smart light strip from Phillips will be able to connect to your computer and thus you can synchronize all the lights in your room.

What is the best distance to watch TV?

It is very important to choose the right distance to your TV. It basically depends on the diagonal

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Top 5 home Wi-Fi routers in 2022

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How to set up a VPN on your router

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What the IP rating of water and dust protection means

When choosing a new device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you will certainly be faced with an IP protection rating. However, many users still don't understand what it is.

What you should know before installing a Smart Light Switch

Here's what you should know about Smart Light Switch before installing it.

What Wi-Fi router specs are the most important

Today, most of the places that screw us have Wi-Fi. You can connect to Wi-Fi anywhere. In any place, at work, in a park,...

Do you need a better router

Nowadays, Internet access is one of the most important information needs. After all, it's simply impossible to imagine a modern office or your apartment...

How to stop your neighbors from stealing your Wi-Fi

Modern routers are quite secure. However, there may be a situation where your neighbors try to take advantage of your network and save money....

How to set up Phillips Hue without Hue Bridge

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How to grow Calathea ‘White Fusion’ in your home

Calathea can be justifiably considered the emerald of any floral collection - both by famous florists and by ordinary commoners. However, before you grow...

How to kick someone unwanted from your Wi-Fi network

Almost every public place and every home now have Wi-Fi. Using wireless Internet means always possible to access the network from almost any place....

How to lock your Nest thermostat with a PIN code

The Nest Thermostat is a self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that optimizes the heating and cooling of homes and businesses to conserve energy. This device is highly...

Does Nest Thermostat need a WiFi connection to work

Smart thermostats make your home more comfortable and help you save on energy costs. Do the price of these devices and the hassle of...

How to turn off Nest thermostat

As technology improved, so did people's homes. More and more technology, amenities, and furnishings began to appear in the home. Homes became much more...

Does Google Home mini use a lot of electricity

Google Home mini is a smart speaker from Google, which will be able to simplify many tasks in the house, making your life more...

Why does your Wi-Fi speed fluctuate so much

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Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wi-Fi router: Which one is better?

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How to delete all Ring Doorbell videos

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What does it mean when Ninja blender is flashing red light

Blenders, as well as other kitchen gadgets, help us make the cooking process several times easier. There are countless companies that make blenders, but...

How to change Wi-Fi network on Ring Doorbell

In the age of the Internet and mobile smart devices, traditional video intercoms are losing their relevance. The Ring Doorbell is an intercom that...

Organic cells that can generate energy indoors

A French startup has developed a technology that makes it possible to collect solar and artificial light indoors. Devices based on this technology are...

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor

Whole-grain coffee is probably the best option for those who want the most aromatic and fresh coffee. The only drawback is that you have...

How to find Samsung dishwasher model number

We've already talked about the Samsung dishwasher model number and why it might be very helpful for you to know what it means. However,...

What does the Samsung dishwasher model number mean

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How to defrost Samsung ice maker

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How To Fix Breville Toaster Oven Start Button: 2 Solutions

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