How to use Apple smart home management app

Don't know how to use Apple's Home app? Let me tell you about it.

How to change audio output device in Windows 11

Don't understand how to change the sound output device in Windows 11? Let me help you.

Aromajoin has unveiled a new device that allows you to feel smells in games

Aroma Shooter allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a game, movie or anime.

Apple may introduce a mixed reality headset this spring

Maybe because of this they will provide fewer releases this year.

HTC showed the Vive XR Elite AR headset at CES

You can already pre-order the Vive XR Elite for $1,099.

Apple Watch Ultra with a large micro-LED display will be released in 2024

The exact specifications of the model are not yet available. But most likely, it will be something new on the smartwatch market.

Sonos and Ikea have created a surround sound speaker

The most important thing is that it's a decorative element in the form of a Symfonisk lamp.

How to connect Sony headphones to Mac

It only takes a few clicks to connect Sony headphones to Mac.

How to fix AirPlay not working on Roku

If AirPlay isn't working on Roku, you should learn the methods of solving the problem.

Meta confirms that the next-generation Quest headset will be available in 2023

In addition to the $1,500 Pro model, a cheaper one will come out next year.

Apple TV HD will no longer be available in Apple online store

Now only the 4K model is available to you. However, you will still be able to find the Apple TV HD at retailers.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly use advanced authentication for payments and log in

The headset will most likely come out in 2023, and the price is expected to be sky-high.

Google announced a steel Pixel Watch with ECG and Wear OS 3

The Wi-Fi version will cost $350, while the LTE model - at $400.

Can Apple AirPods overheat?

What tips to follow to keep AirPods from breaking?

Logitech unveils its first mechanical keyboard for Mac

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac has also a new light gray color scheme

Apple Watch Ultra proved rugged but not easily repairable

It will be more difficult to repair the new Apple Watch model yourself.

You can save more than 20% on Marshall Earbuds right now

It's time to upgrade your old earphones. A great deal from Marshall.

Amazon’s 2022 Echo and Ring Launch Event this Wednesday, what you should expect

An Amazon event is about to launch at which the company will unveil its new devices and talk about its plans.

Nothing is preparing a new pair of earbuds

What should you expect from the new earbuds?

Why is only one Airpod not working

Maybe there are ways to remedy the situation?

How to reset the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Sometimes you may need to reset your streaming device, Here's how you can easily do this with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How to add Apple AirPods to Find My on iPhone and Mac

You can connect your Airpods to view their location.

What should you do if your Airpods get wet?

You should know what to do if your Airpods get wet so you can fix it faster.

Philips Hue releases a light strip and you can sync it with your computer

The smart light strip from Phillips will be able to connect to your computer and thus you can synchronize all the lights in your room.

How to make Alexa louder

If you can't hear the answers from your voice assistant Alexa, there are several ways to raise her volume.

Logitech is going to remake their most popular G502 mouse

Logitech announced a remake of their most popular gaming mouse. Soon gamers around the world will be able to buy an improved version of Logitech G502 X

One of the best controllers for your iPhone was released by Backbone

One of the best controllers for your iPhone has been released by Backbone. It is designed in the spirit of the DualSense. You can buy it today for an appropriate price.

Apple registers a trademark for the mixed VR headset brand

Rumors that Apple will release its own version of the VR headset are looking more and more like the truth.

How to forget the wireless network on your Roku

Can't make your Roku device forget your Wi-Fi network? Here's how you can do it using simple steps.

Sony released a feature to improve control of its cameras with Xperia smartphones

Another update was released for Sony Xperia smartphones, which improved their interaction with the Sony cameras. Now you can do many actions without even touching the camera itself.

How to change the time on your Amazon Firestick

Need to change the time on your Amazon streaming device? Here's how you can easily do this.

What is the best headphone sensitivity and what does it affect?

The higher the sensitivity, the louder the headphones. Is this really the case?

How to change the bass on AirPods

Changing the bass frequencies will give you a number of benefits using your AirPods. However, how do you do it?

Do you need Internet for Amazon Fire Stick

How does the Amazon Fire Stick work? Is it possible to access all the features of the Amazon Fire Stick without an Internet connection?

How to fix AirPods are playing only in one ear

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How to identify that your AirPods are fake

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How to charge Apple Pencil 2 without iPad

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How many devices you can use at one time with the Spectrum TV app

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Are under-$20 earbuds worth buying?

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How to change the time on the Amazon Fire TV stick

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What to do if the AirPods case doesn’t charge

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How to connect a Bluetooth mouse to Mac

Wireless computer mice, in recent years, are gaining in popularity. After all, you don't need to be constantly tied to a length of wire....

What Is Camera ISO – explain

ISO is one of the most important settings when taking photos, along with shutter speed, aperture value, and white balance. ISO is also often...

How to fix AirPods pop-up not showing up on your iPhone

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How to make your headphones louder on your Android phone, tablet, or any other device

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How to track your sleep with Apple Watch build-in app

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How to connect speakers to VIZIO Smart TV in a few simple steps

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How to change the wake word for Google Home

Google Assistant is an excellent artificial assistant at home. It allows you to perform certain tasks and give you certain information on the fly....