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Splaitor Corrections Policy

In a perfect world, all content is evergreen, and authors don’t make mistakes. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Content needs to be updated from time to time so that it stays fresh and relevant. And authors sometimes make mistakes that need to be corrected.

If our readers or we find an error in our story, we’ll try to correct it as quickly as possible. If it weren’t just a mistake, but information that may have misled the reader, we would publish a separate post with a rebuttal.

This is how we believe everything should work in this world, so we strive to meet quality standards.

Splaitor Content Updating Policy

We occasionally update content that has already been published to remain relevant to our readers. This includes adding new information or correcting previous information.

In this case, we will post information about when the story was originally written and what it was added.

Vladislav Lanski
Vladislav Lanski
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.



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