No, social media isn’t dead

If you think they're dead, maybe you just love old Instagram.

What are Instagram Notes?

How does it work? How can users use it?

How to view Instagram stories anonymously with Hiddengram

If you want to go unnoticed, you can install the Hiddengram extension.

Chinese police search phones for Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram

What caused the Chinese police to search people?

Instagram added an in-app scheduler for planning posts

Users will be able to schedule posts for 75 days.

What was Instagram doing with today’s troubles?

Millions of users have learned that their accounts have been suspended.

How to add lyrics to Instagram Reels

This will help you create more interesting and unique content.

How to save Reels to Camera Roll on iPhone

Want to save Reels on your iPhone? Here's how you can do this.

Facebook and Instagram users in the U.S. can now share their NFTs

To do this you will need to link your digital wallets.

Meta plans to make it easier to switch accounts between Facebook and Instagram

Account Center will make it easy for you to use both apps.

How to do a Shared Post on Instagram

Instagram has the ability to do collaborative posts, but not all users know exactly how it works.

Instagram wants to protect users from nudity messages

Meta is testing new nudity protection feature on Instagram.

How to add lyrics to Instagram Reels

If you want to add a lyric for your Instagram Reels, it's very easy to do, but the instructions are slightly different for different platforms.

Instagram is going to test a new reposting feature

The function will be similar to its exact same variations from other social networks.

Instagram was fined $402 million for mishandling teens’ data in the EU

Instagram has been fined the second-highest fine in the European Union.

How to reset a forgotten Instagram password

If you've forgotten your Instagram password, this simple tutorial will help you recover it.

How to fix Instagram Stories aren’t loading

A spinning circle can appear suddenly and out of nowhere. However, it can be fixed, and here's how.

Meta may add exclusive paid features to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

It looks like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp paid subscriptions will soon appear.

Instagram plans to limit sensitive content to new teenage users by default

Teenage Instagram users under the age of 16 will be asked to switch to the most content restrictive settings.

How to change emoji reaction in direct messages on Instagram

Have you thought about changing the standard set of emotions in Instagram? Did you know that you can use emoji to send personal reactions in instagram?

Instagram plans to release a new feature very similar to BeReal

This feature is still a prototype and much about it is unknown. But its similarity to BeReal would be strange to deny.

Instagram will remove a sound bug that occurs when users export their Reels

When you load Reels on your iPhone there is a bug with the sound. Instagram is working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

How to create Instagram Reels

Want to create an Instagram Reel? It's very easy with these simple steps.

Instagram decided not to implement a full-screen feed and suggested posts

After significant user reaction to some of the changes, Instagram is reversing its course. All this is done with the purpose of making the company able to compete with TikTok.

How to pin a post on Instagram in a few steps

You can keep your best photos or Reels on the top of your page.

Do Instagram polls work on Facebook?

Interactivity such as Instagram polls has received incredibly strong and positive feedback. You ask your followers a direct question, and they answer it. They...

How to find people from your contacts on Instagram

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How to reverse search an image on Instagram

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Why you can’t reply to a message on Instagram? And how to fix this

Communicating via Instagram Direct, as part of a personal or group conversation, involves the ability to respond to specific messages. The user can not...

How to find liked posts on Instagram

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How to reply to a message on Instagram

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Can you react with different emojis on Instagram

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How to read Instagram messages and watch stories without being seen

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How to recover Instagram deleted messages

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How to post a live photo on Instagram

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How to find the QR code of your Instagram

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How to find your Instagram URL on different devices

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How to use Instagram Year in Review to relive your 2021 highlights

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How to see who saved your Instagram post

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How to share a TikTok to an Instagram

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How to delete Instagram messages – here’s everything you should know

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How to change the phone number on Instagram

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How to use drafts on Instagram

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