Intel’s 13th generation Core processor line prices have appeared

The most expensive Intel processor will cost just over $ 700.

Intel may lay off thousands of employees due to slowing PC sales

Nevertheless, Intel remains determined to achieve the goals it has set for itself.

Intel answer to 3060 cost less than $300

The new Intel graphics cards are just around the corner. Last week we learned a bit more about their pricing.

Intel introduced the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors

Intel showed the next generation of its processors. It was called Raptor Lake processors.

Intel stop using the Pentium and Celeron brands

Intel is starting to get rid of its two old processor lines.

Why are the Intel Core i7 and i9 HX series good for gaming laptops?

Passing levels without freezes and launching heavy games in seconds. Let's find out how else Intel's HX-series processors help gamers.

Intel and Broadcom show how fast Wi-Fi 7 will be

The first demonstration of Wi-Fi 7 technology was presented, confirming rumors that next-generation networks are being developed and are expected to be up to 5 times faster than Wi-Fi 6.

Intel unveils Arc Pro GPUs for PCs and laptops

Intel introduced 3 new GPUs for PCs and laptops. Although their price isn't yet known, but they will be on sale this year.

Intel revealed more details about their Arc graphics card line

Intel is about to release a new line of Desktop Graphics cards called Arc. The company recently revealed some new details about its hardware.