How to connect Sony headphones to Mac

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Why is Disney Plus not working on your Mac?

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How to unsync iPhone from Mac

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How to add a phone number to iMessage on Mac

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How to change screen timeout time on Mac

If your Mac locks up after a couple of minutes, you can change the screen timeout time.

How to do upside down question mark on Mac

To fully type in Spanish, you should learn how to use the English keyboard or how to add a Spanish keyboard.

How to lock a keyboard on MacBook

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How to delete a screenshot on Mac

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How to schedule a time to open or close an app on Mac?

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Logitech unveils its first mechanical keyboard for Mac

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac has also a new light gray color scheme

How to fix iPhone not showing up in Finder

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Hidden features of the Mac that you should use

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How to boot your Windows PC and Mac in Safe Mode

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How to use snipping tool on Mac

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How to delete a file that cannot be deleted on Windows and Mac

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How to change the text color in Apple Notes

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How to open XLSX files on Mac

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How to connect Alexa to your Mac in a few simple steps

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What is the best browser to use on Mac?

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How to forget network on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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Why doesn’t the MacBook have a touch screen?

What's the reason my MacBook doesn't have a touchscreen? Are changes worth waiting for?

How to take a screenshot of a window with drop shadow on Mac

Screenshots can look much better if they would be done with a drop shadow. Fortunately, Mac has this feature built-in, so the process doesn't require much effort.

Apple’s revenue from Macs and wearables falls amid a downturn in the tech sector

iPhones and services generated record revenue in the June quarter. At the same time, the active installed base reached an all-time high for all major Apple product categories.

How to check the Python version on Mac

Python is a great language for the beginners of the coding, however, to be able to use it productively on Mac, you should keep it up to date and know the current version.

How to fix Mac Handoff not working

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How to fix: Safari not working on Mac

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How to highlight text in Pages for Mac

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What are Microsoft Word alternatives for Mac

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How to crop a screenshot on Mac

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Should you use “Live Text” on your iPhone or Mac?

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How to uninstall Google Drive on Windows or Mac

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How to get sound play through HDMI on Mac

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iMessages not syncing between Mac and iPhone – how to fix

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How to undo & redo on Mac

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What to do if AirDrop isn’t working

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How to connect a Bluetooth mouse to Mac

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How to disable the startup sound on Mac

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How to use iMessage on your Mac to send text messages from your computer

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Here’s how to share Wi-Fi from iPhone to MacBook

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How to view a system log on Mac in a few simple steps

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How to fix Spotify not opening on Mac

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How to set a custom playing status on Discord

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How to compress images in Powerpoint

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How to open CPGZ file

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How to upload a video to YouTube from iMovie

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