Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC release date revealed

You'll be able to play Spider-Man on your PC as soon as November 18.

Intel may lay off thousands of employees due to slowing PC sales

Nevertheless, Intel remains determined to achieve the goals it has set for itself.

Nanoleaf LEDs are now in sync with Corsair gaming devices

You can also customize the effects to your liking.

Overwatch 2 is out in early access

However, issues with the connection to the servers appeared immediately. The developers are already solving this problem.

Tesla plans to abandon ultrasonic sensors and switch to the camera-only system

They were mainly used for parking and short-range collision warnings.

Square’s Tap to Pay is now available on iPhone to all U.S. sellers

All you need to accept payments is an iPhone.

Deezer can now detect the songs you’re humming

The algorithm still isn't perfect, but developers will improve it in the future.

Twitch will ban streaming of gambling websites in October

From October 18, it will ban streaming from websites without a license.

iPhone 14 Pro is quite difficult to repair, unlike other new models

It will be more difficult to repair some iPhone 14 Pro parts yourself.

Uber cybersecurity engineers are investigating a new incident

Uber was hacked and the attacker left a mocking message.

Apple has revealed the battery capacity of all iPhone 14 models

The battery capacity of the new iPhone model, slightly increased compared to the 13th line.

The Elden Ring soundtrack is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

Enjoy listening to great music from the beloved by a large number of gamers RPG.

Comcast launches 2 Gbps internet service in four states

At first there will be certain limitations, but then the download speed will reach 10 Gbps.

Tesla gives the public the choice of where to locate its next Superchargers stations

Twitter launched a poll to see where charging stations should also be placed.

Google is testing a ‘clear calling’ feature for Android phone calls

Google did a good job with the noise reduction in the Pixel Buds. But what about phone calls?

Instagram is going to test a new reposting feature

The function will be similar to its exact same variations from other social networks.

Axiom Space will build the first Artemis moonwalk spacesuits for NASA

In the future, suits will be developed not only for landing on the moon, but also for exploring other locations in space.

The launch of Artemis-1 is postponed again

Due to technical problems, namely a leak of hydrogen fuel, the launch was postponed again.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be the next part of the popular series

The series returns to its Middle Eastern roots.

Next-generation USB will be twice as fast even with the old cable

The bandwidth of USB 4 can reach up to 80 Gbps.

SpaceX accepted an order for five more missions from NASA

While Boeing is facing problems with its Starliner capsule, SpaceX has a $1.4 billion contract with NASA.

Tickets for $3 will be available in more than 3,000 U.S. theaters on September 3rd

Movie theater tickets are only $3. Special promotion for National Cinema Day.

The new Corsair OLED gaming monitor can be flexed into a curved display

A new monitor from Corsair will definitely be an expensive treat. But will it really be worth the money?

A massive phishing attack affected more than 130 companies, including Best Buy, DoorDash, and AT&T

Group-IB, a cybersecurity firm, looked into the problem in detail and even provided recommendations on how to protect against such attacks.

Waze’s carpooling service will no longer be available due to a reduction in commuters

Carpooling is becoming less popular. That's why Waze is shutting down its 6-year-old Carpool app.

Second-generation Solo Stove fireplaces discounted to $320 for Labor Day

At the moment you can buy new models of fire pits at a 40% discount.

Sony shows new DualSense controllers

Sony showed their new controller. This is the first time they have released a kick controller with deep customization and customization capabilities.

Soon the Full Self-Driving for Tesla will become even more expensive

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that their Full Self-Driving feature will soon increase in price by 25%.