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Hi there! We’re Splaitor – a fast-growing publication on the cutting edge of tech, business, trends, and culture. We’re developing deep tech, business, strategy, and life verticals, aiming at covering all issues that our readers may be interested in.

We focus on things that can help you understand the modern fast-changing world and make your life better through our deep, expert-level content. And here are some reasons why readers choose us:

  • Unbiased story-telling. Splaitor isn’t here to promote one particular opinion, so we’re always ready to give a tribune to different voices.
  • Combination of interesting, helpful, and important. We don’t try to make sensations, clickbait, and other ‘hot topics,’ contrariwise, we’re creating content that would be not just interesting but also would contribute to your understanding of what’s going on.
  • Clear explanations. We don’t try to make things even more confusing. On the contrary, we try to explain even complicated things in simple terms.
  • Easy-to-read. We’re trying to make our content easy to read so they’re delightful.

In common words, we can divide all content you can find there into four different groups:

  • Tips, how-to’s, and guides
  • Reviews
  • News, opinions, and general-interest articles
  • Insights, analysis, and research

We also have a special unit – Splaitor Intelligence, that conducts an in-depth analysis of various areas, including economics, economy, digital media, marketing, trends, and other important fields. Splaitor Intelligence, as well as any other part of Splaitor, is 100% free and is available for everyone.

If you want to participate:

You can make your contribution to Splaitor in different ways:

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If you want to contribute a story:

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Thank you for reading Splaitor. We appreciate that you’re here.


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