What Does TU/RU And T/R Mean In Samsung TV Number?

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In 2020, Samsung launched TU and T series of Samsung TVs. Also, there are still models RU and R on the market. Therefore, many people wonder what TV to buy and what’s the difference between T and R.

What’s the Difference Between TU/T and RU/R Models?

The main difference is in the year of TV production. R/RU means that the TV was released in 2019, and T/TU means that the TV was released in 2020.
You can see more details about what the numbers mean in this article.

So, T is for 2020 and R is for 2019. However, what does U means? It means that TV is UHD.

As you see, there’s nothing difficult to understand. Actually, there is no big difference between T and R TVs, but we advise you to choose the freshest models.


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