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What is LG TV OLED Evo Display: a brighter OLED than ever

OLED displays have both advantages and disadvantages as well. On the one hand, OLED TVs are more expensive, but offer better picture quality than LCD or LED TVs. On the other hand, such screens are suffering from burnout. In order to prevent burning-in, LG should have limited the display brightness. In LG TV OLED Evo display, the peak brightness is higher than in the common OLED display.

Is OLED Evo better than OLED?

First of all, you should understand that OLED Evo uses the same technology as OLED. The only difference is used OLED materials. Previously, LG was using OLED materials supplied by Idemitsu Japan, but in 2021 company would use OLED materials supplied by DuPont. They can withstand higher voltages, so the peak brightness of the display will be higher. Standard OLED displays offer around 800 nits peak brightness, but new OLED Evo displays can reach 1000 nits peak brightness.

One of the main improvements is the use of heavy hydrogen instead of standard hydrogen. It’s much slower to be damaged by high voltage, so it helps to increase the TV screen lifetime.

Thanks to DuPont materials, OLED Evo displays can be brighter, but still have the same lifetime. You should realize that the higher the voltage, the lower the lifetime, but because DuPont OLED materials can withstand higher voltages, the total lifetime wouldn’t change. It still would be around 30,000 hours.

Also, you should understand have that all colors are obtained by mixing Red, Green and Blue. Blue elements have the lowest lifetime, so they’re burning-in much faster than the green and red. In the OLED Evo displays the blue elements have also been improved, so now the blue can be brighter.

Will LG TVs with OLED Evo displays have a higher lifetime?

As I said, the total lifespan wouldn’t change and it still would be around 30,000 hours. If you would watch TV 3-4 hours a day, your TV would last for 20-27 years. But there are some tips to prolong your OLED TV lifetime, for example you shouldn’t use your TV to display static image (like logo or picture).

When TVs with OLED Evo displays would go on sale?

LG has firsly shown OLED Evo technology on CES 2021 along with LG G1 TV, so this model would definitely get new generation OLED.

Seems, in 2021 OLED Evo would be installed only in high-end OLED TVs, but since 2022 the technology would become more widespread. In case it would perform well, we can asume that LG wouldn’t be the only one vendor to use such displays in its TVs.

Vladislav Sheridan
Vladislav Sheridan
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