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Google paid hundreds of millions of dollars to keep companies from creating their own app and game stores

Android device owners still haven’t received a decent competitor to Google Play because of internal deals by major companies. Google has reportedly been allocating hundreds of millions of dollars for quite some time to prevent hazardous players in the market from creating their apps and games stores.

This information has come to light thanks to a recently found copy of Epic’s lawsuit against Google for 2020, which was brought to the attention of journalists from Reuters. According to the documents, Google made 24 deals with well-known developers, including Ubisoft, Nintendo and many others. According to media reports, the primary purpose of all the deals was to stop the production of Google Play competitors.

To roll back the development of Activision Blizzard’s app store, Google has allocated about $360 million. Another $30 million was spent on a deal with Riot Games to give up on creating a competing store with Google.



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