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Google Fiber will offer new high-speed internet plans in early 2023

Reportedly, two plans will be introduced. 5 and 8 Gbps.

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McDonald’s releasing adults “Happy Meal-like” box

McDonald's decided to release their Happy Meal for adults.

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Signs that you don’t trust yourself

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How to combine work and study to manage everything

The most important things you need for this are the desire and willpower.

Amazon’s second Prime day coming soon

It's been rumored for months that Amazon will hold another big sale for their Prime members. Now Amazon has officially announced the deal. Amazon...

What does MIA mean in slang?

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How to pay with cash on DoorDash

Paying credit card is more convenient, but still a lot of us prefer to pay with cash for our food delivery.

Comcast launches 2 Gbps internet service in four states

At first there will be certain limitations, but then the download speed will reach 10 Gbps.

What you should know about GPS L5

The new generation of the GPS signal will soon be launched and we will be able to use it to get a much clearer location.

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Philips Hue releases a light strip and you can sync it with your computer

The smart light strip from Phillips will be able to connect to your computer and thus you can synchronize all the lights in your room.

Apple can train you in IT

You can sign up for one of Apple's courses. These programs can teach you how to maintain Apple devices in the workplace.

What is the best distance to watch TV?

It is very important to choose the right distance to your TV. It basically depends on the diagonal

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