Should You Buy Smart Toilet And What Is It?


The modern home is becoming smarter and smarter. Even the toilets have become smart, and it can be convenient because it saves a lot of your time and makes your daily life more comfortable. A smart toilet offers a lot of built-in functions, including a heated seat and automatic dryer. It sounds nice, but you have to weigh all the pros and cons.

What Is Smart Toilet?

Smart Toilet is a device that offers some advanced features that allow the toilet to interact and ‘connect’ with the user. Such toilets are gaining popularity as the Smart Home part. Moreover, they’re popular in Japan, and local people say they’re saving time.

Smart Toilet

What Smart Toilet Functions Are Really Useful?

The first modern Smart toilet was introduced by Kohler back in 2011. The smart toilet, called the Numi, was priced $6,400 and turned the industry around. It allowed us to adjust lighting, set the water temperature, and seat temperature as well. It even offered built-in radio, so it was excellent. However, the $6,400 was too high priced for such a device. Modern toilets are less expensive, but their price is still high, especially compared to standard toilets.

Among hundreds of functions, you will need, let’s be fair, just a couple. Other functions will be decorative and you may even forget they exist. These functions include:

  • Seat warmers. That’s the most valuable function, in my opinion. Most modern smart toilets are offering seat warmer, and that’s a convenient feature.
  • Lighting. It can be both beautiful and useful. In case you don’t need it to get through the room to your toilet, it can be just a nice feature that will make your toilet a more beautiful place or it can be a beacon that will help you to get to your toilet through the night.
  • Automatic lid. This function isn’t needed unless you are too squeamish. By the way, if you want to keep everything clean, the automatic cover can be a nice feature that will leave your hands clean and your heart calm, as using the toilet will be 100% touch-free.
  • Bidet adjustment. Some of the smart toilets are with bidets, and spray adjustment can be a nice feature. I faced some problems with different bidets when spray doesn’t fit my desires. Of course, you can use a bidet with any spout, but to make it the most comfortable, adjusting features are necessary.
Smart Toilet

The Pros of Smart Toilet Purchase

If you’re thinking about whether Smart Toilet worth its money, here are some points to consider.

  • Hygienic. My head isn’t turned away on hygiene, so that’s not a problem for me to touch my toilet lid or something like that. I can wash my hands, and everything will be okay. However, I know that many people are taking extreme care of hygiene. If you one of them, then the smart toilet will be the right choice. Most of the smart toilets are completely touch-free, so that makes them much more hygienic.
  • Great for aged and disabled people. That’s regrettable to write that, but both older people and disabled ones can face problems using a standard toilet. A smart toilet fixes some issues and makes their experience easier for such people.
  • Lower water consumption. It’s unlikely to recoup this purchase, so there is no reason to buy a smart toilet just for this, but it can be a nice bonus. On average, a smart toilet uses 30-35% less water.
  • Convenient experience. That’s a too general point, but lighting and warm seaters can bring something new to your toilet experience, as your toilet will be suitable, warm, and adjusted to your needs.

The Cons of Smart Toilet Purchase

I think cons are more tangible than pros, as unlike comfort and more enjoyable experience, cons are all about your money.

  • Cost. That’s the most severe disadvantage. While standard toilets will cost $300-$400, the smart toilet may cost $2,000-$5,000, and that’s the moment when money matters.
  • Repairs. A standard toilet has only a few things that can be broken, and usually that things are easy to fix. The smart toilet, like any other technological device, can cost a lot to fix (and the smart toilet can be unavailable in your area.
  • Additional electricity usage. Like any other piece of technology, a smart toilet uses electricity so that you will pay more for electricity.
  • It takes time to learn. A smart toilet will need some of your attention and time to learn how it works and how to use its features most beneficially.

Does Smart Toilet Worth Its Money?

My reasoning is the following – if you are interested in technology or want to make your home 100% smart, then a smart toilet will be an excellent device. However, if you aren’t interested in any of its features and don’t understand how to use it, I will suggest you run away and purchase a standard toilet. The money/benefits ratio is meager for smart toilets, so I think they don’t worth that money.


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