Who is Ilya Sutskever, the AI demiurge?

The man who was on the top of AI is now faces the uncertainty about his future in OpenAI. Here's his story.

How to find an area code online

In an era where digital communication often eclipses traditional forms, the humble area code may seem like a relic of a bygone time. Yet,...

Why does your iPhone say SOS Only?

Usually, the SOS Only issue is caused by poor contact between the SIM card and the phone.

How to electronically sign a PDF document

There's many ways to do so, I prefer online tools.

Should you apply on a company website? Yes, if you have an option

If you have an option to do so, that's (probably) the best option.

How much does it cost to charge Tesla?

Here's what to know about how much it cost to charge a Tesla.

No, social media isn’t dead

If you think they're dead, maybe you just love old Instagram.

Welcome to The New Splaitor

The short welcome letter.

How we started a website and made some mistakes

Here's mistakes we made in our business.

The First Astronaut to Tweet

Those ones were first to tweet from space.

How to fix Samsung TV turning on by itself

That's the common problem, but usually that's just HDMI-connected device.

Does coin flip really have a 50/50 probability?

Both yes and no. It's probably wouldn't be 50/50 unless you have an extremely huge sample.

What is the difference between CEO, COO, and CFO?

Here's what to know about C-Suite positions.

Should you buy a smart toilet?

No, smart toilet doesn't worth its price. Don't even think about it.

How to fix Prime Video isn’t working on Samsung TV

That's a quite common problem on Smart TVs. And it's easy to fix by clearing cache.

What is the difference between renewed vs refurbished devices?

In case you want to buy a device that isn't new, you should find out more about it.

How to check your number on WhatsApp

Sometimes we need to find phone number on WhatsApp. Here's how to do this.

What is Zartico, the platform that provides analytics and visualizations to DMOs and raised $20 million in Series A funding

Tourism is one of the last "big industries" to become empowered with big data. That can be easily explained. Despite being one of the...

How to pay with cash on DoorDash

Paying credit card is more convenient, but still a lot of us prefer to pay with cash for our food delivery.

How to turn off Always-On display in iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max

That's feature a lot of people were waiting for, but if you aren't one of them - here's how to turn it off.

PS VR2 wouldn’t run PS VR games, Sony says

The next-gen VR has something to disappoint us,

29 of 50 YouTube most viewed channels are primary using YouTube Shorts, a TikTok-like short videos

According to TubeFilter's weekly breakdown, 29 of the 50 most viewed YouTube channels this week use YouTube Shorts as the primary type of content....

You can now edit and unsend messages on iPhone, that is the feature we were waiting for so long

The future a lot of us was waiting for is now available with iOS 16.

Dylan Field, Figma’s co-founder and chief, says Figma would remain autonomous after being acquired by Adobe

After the most expensive deal in the history of private software, Figma would remain autonomous, according to CEO,

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