What is DLED display: DLED vs LED TVs differences explained

When choosing a TV these days, you come across different types of screens: OLED, LED, QLED, QNED and DNED. There are too many of these screens for the unsophisticated consumer to know what each one means at a glance. Therefore, it is very easy to get confused and not understand which screen type will be the best choice for you.

What is DLED display?

Direct View LED (DLED) display is a new type of display that uses thousands of LEDs that are mounted directly on a panel, without the use of either crystal or polarized glass. Whereas in a conventional LED display the LEDs are just the backlight, in the DLED display the diodes themselves are the element that creates the image.

DLED meaning

Now let’s stop for a second. What I’m about to write may sound a little strange, but you just have to understand it. The fact is that in essence (as I often write it) DLED screens are the same as LEDs.

In fact, it’s just another marketing gimmick that manufacturers use to create the appearance of new technology. I will talk about this in more detail in the comparison of DLED and LED. But for now it is important for you to understand that DLED does not use any additional technology, it is still a standard LED.

DLED vs LED differences

You should understand that now all TVs, as well as other screens are made with LED technology. Other types of screens are practically not produced. LED technology has too many advantages, so it has actually become the only technology used in modern TVs, monitors, and smartphones.

LED screens provide high picture quality, combined with a fairly simple manufacturing method and low cost. That is why it is now used in most TVs.

However, there are some differences between the different types of LED screens. For example, in the LED screen backlighting can be installed directly or on the side. So there are two types of screens: ELED and DLED. ELED means Edge Emitting LED, while DLED means Direct View LED.

The only difference is the way the backlight is installed. And you have to understand that. So you can’t compare LED and DLED, because the first word means technology, while the second means just the way the backlight has been installed.

This picture explains the difference between two different backlight types:

Edge LED vs Direct LED differences / Source: Gamingscan.com

Is DLED TV a good choice?

In brief, yes, it is. In my experience of watching various TVs, I can say that there is virtually no difference between Edge LED and DLED. In some ways the first wins, in some ways the second wins. For most users the differences will be almost imperceptible, so you can safely buy the TV, which is better for value for money, without paying attention to what type of LED display is used: DLED or ELED.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
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