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How to find your Philips TV year

Discovering the year of manufacture of your Philips TV is a straightforward process, with three simple methods at your disposal.

  1. The assembly date is usually found on the information label on the back of the TV. It shows the assembly date in month and year format.
  2. The serial number also contains information about the TV’s production date, but it only shows the year without the month.
  3. The TV’s model number also contains information about the year it was developed, allowing you to determine its approximate age.

The production date of the Philips TV is on the sticker.

You can find the production date of the TV on the sticker; if you look closely at the sticker, you will find the assembly date in month-to-year format. This is the most reliable information about the production date of the TV. But if no date is given, you can determine the production date from the serial number.

The production date in the serial number of your Philips TV set

If there is no production date in a clear format (month, year) on the sticker, you can find out the date of manufacture from the serial number. The serial number only shows the year without identifying the month of assembly. The serial number information can help you if you do not have a sticker on your TV or if the TV is placed so that the sticker is not easily accessible. In the photo above, you can see that the 5th and 6th character is the year of production of the Philips TV; for example, the serial number is FZ1A1927034251; from this serial number, it is clear that 19 is the 2019 production year of the TV.

The production date in the model number of your Philips TV.

The model number does not contain the production date, but can help you determine the year your TV was first released. Keep in mind that the production date is usually no later than one year after the original release date. For example, if you identify a TV model as 2020, then it could have been released no later than 2021.
So, if you want to determine the release date, look at the last digit before the slash in the model number. On some TV models, the slash may be preceded by a letter; ignore it. This number indicates the year of release and the cycles of each decade. For example, the number “4” could mean that the TV was released in 2019 or 2029, but since 2029 is not yet, the TV was released in 2019. Here’s what each number means in terms of the year the TV was manufactured:

  • 7 – 2012 or 2022.
  • 8 – 2013 or 2023.
  • 9 – 2014 or 2024.
  • 0 – 2015 or 2025.
  • 1 – 2016 or 2026.
  • 2 – 2017 or 2027.
  • 3 – 2018 or 2028.
  • 4 – 2019 or 2029.
  • 5 – 2020 or 2010.
  • 6 – 2021 or 2011.

This method applies to older Philips TV models as well and continues to be used for current models made in Europe.

However, for Philips TVs manufactured by Funai in North America, the decoding differs slightly. Starting in 2022, Funai adjusted the model number’s final digit to directly reflect the release year. So, a ‘2’ now means the TV was released in 2022, ‘3’ in 2023, ‘4’ in 2024, and so forth.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
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