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TV Samsung DU7200 vs DU7200D model 2024

The Samsung DU7200D (2024) TV is specifically designed for sale in Costco stores, reflecting Samsung’s long-standing partnership with Costco. Although technically identical to the standard DU7200, the DU7200D offers increased value to consumers through the following differences:

Differences between DU7200D TVs at Costco and other sellers

  • Extended warranty. The DU7200D comes with a three-year extended warranty compared to the one-year warranty typically offered on the DU7200. This extended warranty is designed to provide customers with greater peace of mind. Costco states that this is a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, but I found the warranty on Samsung’s website for this model to be 12 months. Therefore, it is not entirely clear whether this is really a 36 month warranty from Samsung or 12 months provided by Samsung, and the next 24 months covered by Costco. But in any case, a three-year warranty is good.
  • Accessories included: TVs sold through Costco, such as the 43DU7200D and other models, come with additional accessories, such as an HDMI cable. While these accessories may seem simple, their presence adds tangible value to customers.
  • Generous Return Policy: Costco offers a 90-day return policy on most items, which is longer than the standard return period offered by many retailers. This extended period allows buyers to have more flexibility and confidence in dealing with any potential issues or concerns associated with their TV purchase.

Overall, while the basic features of the DU7200 and DU7200D are the same, the extra warranty, included accessories, and favorable return policy of the DU7200D make buying a TV through Costco more attractive.

Samsung TV Model Numbers for Costco

To differentiate TVs intended for retail from TVs intended for Costco, Samsung changes the model numbers slightly. For example, a standard TV may have model number UN43DU7200FXZA, while Costco TVs may have model number UN43DU7200DXZA. This adjustment helps consumers identify specific options to purchase at Costco.

In everyday life, standard TV models are often designated as DU7200 (without the letter F, for example DU7200F). Conversely, TV models sold through Costco are typically designated DU7200D, to highlight their difference from the base model.

Here’s a breakdown of the model numbers of TVs commonly found in retail stores and at Costco:

Retail stores (e.g. Amazon, retail stores): UN43DU7200FXZA, UN55DU7200FXZA, UN65DU7200FXZA.
Costco: UN43DU7200DXZA, UN55DU7200DXZA, UN65DU7200DXZA

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
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