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List and ranking of gaming TVs 2024

In the article How to Choose the Best TV for Video Games: Basic Criteria, I talked about the criteria for choosing a TV. And in this article I have prepared a small table with the best TVs for video games.

BrandModelScreen TechnologyRefresh RateScoreRelease YearPrice
SonyBRAVIA 8OLED WRGB120 Hz9.82024price check
LGOLED C4 evoOLED WRGB144 Hz9.72024price check
LGOLED G4 evoOLED WRGB144 Hz9.72024price check
SamsungOLED S95D42, 48, 83 OLED WRGB; 55, 65, 77 QD-OLED144 Hz9.52024price check
SamsungOLED S90DQD-OLED144 Hz9.52024price check
SamsungOLED S85DQD-OLED120 Hz9.52024price check

Explanation of TV Ratings for Gaming

OLED TVs are considered the gold standard for gaming due to their superior performance and picture quality. Here’s a breakdown of the features and specifications of top OLED gaming TVs in 2024:

Sony Bravia 8

Sony has launched the K-55XR80 and K-55XR89 OLED TV models in 2024. Sony uses displays from other manufacturers, but pays great attention to the quality of components. As a result, Sony TVs are characterized by high speed, large memory capacity and reliable software. As a consequence, Sony TVs provide excellent picture quality and work well as monitors. A slight drawback is the 120Hz refresh rate, which, while slightly lower than 144Hz, is negligible for most users. Sony TVs tend to be more expensive than similar models from other brands, but usually provide excellent picture quality.

LG OLED evo C4 and G4

LG’s OLED evo C4 and G4 models feature upgraded EVO matrices, which address OLEDs’ typical low brightness and significantly enhance image quality. These TVs use the WRGB technology, where each pixel is composed of four sub-pixels to boost brightness in lighter scenes. Due to their impressive brightness and overall image quality, these TVs are a solid choice for gaming.

Samsung S85D, S90D, S95D

Samsung’s S85D, S90D and S95D 2024 models will have different displays. LG’s models with OLED screens are 42, 48 and 83 inches diagonal. The more common sizes (55, 65, and 77 inches) feature Samsung’s QD-OLED displays, which use the RGB color scheme. These QD-OLED displays feature high brightness and excellent picture quality, making them great for gaming, although they do consume more power.

QLED Gaming TVs

While this rating focuses on OLED TVs due to their superior image quality, high-end QLED TVs are also viable for gaming, though they cannot match OLEDs in black levels. If you opt for a QLED TV, consider the type of LED display:

  • VA Panels offer better contrast, making them more suitable for gaming. However, contrast and saturation can shift when viewed at an angle, especially vertically, so the best experience is when viewed directly.
  • IPS Panels: These provide higher brightness but lower contrast and slightly longer response times, which affect gaming performance. Despite this, they are still a good option for gaming.

OLED TVs are generally the best choice for gaming due to their superior picture quality and performance. However, if you choose a QLED TV, pay attention to the type of LED display to ensure you get the best gaming experience possible.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.



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