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Google Fiber will offer new high-speed internet plans in early 2023

After Google Fiber came back into the game, the company plans to include a dramatic increase in Internet speeds. Google has announced that it will offer plans with 5 and 8 Gbps speeds in early 2023, priced at $125 and $150 per month.

Both plans will include symmetric upload and download speeds, a WiFi 6 router, and two mesh network extenders. The company says the upgrades should help massive file transfers with minimal lag and jitter.

Customers in Kansas City, Utah, and West Des Moines will be able to try faster plans as early as November if they sign up as “trusted testers.” If you qualify, Google will ask you how you intend to use the extra bandwidth.

Compared to the 2 Gb/s services introduced in 2020, this is a more than 2-fold increase in speed. These plans will be essential for gamers and users who need faster Internet speeds.

Along with the first network expansion in five years, the speed increase allows Google to return to its Fiber roots. In other words, it raises expectations for fast Internet access and (to some extent) stimulates competition among incumbent providers.



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