What are Paramount Plus prices?

The price for the Paramount Plus starts at $5.99 in the US. The cost is different depending on the region.

How to enable Stereo Mix Option in Windows 10

Want to activate Stereo Mix on your Windows 10 PC? Here's how.

How to play audio of a single video on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Want to extract audio from a video on your Windows PC? Here's how.

How to see the word count in Microsoft Word

Want to count the number of words in a document? Here's how you can do it.

How to calculate probability in Excel

Want to calculate probability in Excel? I will explain to you how.

How to use less than or equal operator in Excel

Here's how you can use Less Than or Equal operator in your Microsoft Excel documents.

How to unprotect Excel sheet or workbook without a password

Want to unprotect your Excel sheet or workbook without a password? Here's how you can do this.

Microsoft has finally ended support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Now companies and ordinary users will have to move to Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft has fixed the BSoD issue after installing the cumulative update KB5021233 for Windows 10

The BSoD bug patch for all currently supported versions of Windows 10 was released as part of January update KB5022282.

Aromajoin has unveiled a new device that allows you to feel smells in games

Aroma Shooter allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a game, movie or anime.

Hisense unveiled the world’s first 8K laser TV

Hisense unveiled a new 4K laser TV, the 120LX, at CES 2023. Here's what it looks like.

How to change the resolution on Samsung TV

If you need to change the resolution on Samsung TV, find out more about it.

HTC showed the Vive XR Elite AR headset at CES

You can already pre-order the Vive XR Elite for $1,099.

Apple has refused to release the iPhone SE 4

Earlier Apple wanted to postpone the release of its new iPhone SE, but now the company wants to cancel it altogether.

Experts warn about the dangers of using the PlayStation 5 in an upright position

It turns out that PS5 owners should think about how the console stands.

Sony introduced a prototype of its first electric car, Afeela

The Japanese company unveiled a concept of its new electric car at CES 2023.

Apple Watch Ultra with a large micro-LED display will be released in 2024

The exact specifications of the model are not yet available. But most likely, it will be something new on the smartwatch market.

GeForce RTX 4070 Ti is likely to cost less than expected

But the price can still change several times.

How to fix YouTube keeps switching to the light mode

Here's what you can do if YouTube keeps turning on light mode instead of dark mode.

How to add shortcuts to the Google Chrome home screen

Want to add shortcuts to your Google Chrome home screen? Here's how.

How to unsilence calls on iPhone

Want to unsilence calls on your iPhone? Here's how.

How to fix iMessage sending from email instead of your phone number

Here's how you can easily enable your phone number instead of email in iMessage.

The next-gen Witcher 3 topped the list of worst-optimized PC games

DSOGaming has listed the worst optimized PC games in 2022.

How to import JSON to Microsoft Excel

Want to import JSON to Microsoft Excel? Here's how.

Apple has stopped the Home app upgrade due to issues reported by users

The Cupertinians are already working to solve the problem.

Steam users have trouble gifting games to friends

It's the season of gifting for many gamers, but some Steam users have become frustrated with the fact that they can't gift games to some of their friends.

AMD is investigating the Radeon RX 7900 unusual temperature problem

The temperature of the new GPUs is slightly higher than normal. So what's the problem?

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