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Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly use advanced authentication for payments and log in

According to rumors, Apple’s AR/VR headset could have some additional exciting features. The Information’s sources claim that the mixed reality hardware will use iris scanning to log in and make payments. According to the sources, this would make buying apps easier and even simplify multi-user support.

Apple hasn’t yet commented on this. However, in 2017 it reportedly bought SensoMotorics, a company that created eye-tracking glasses. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reported in 2021 that Primax would supply eye-tracking modules and that they would support iris recognition.

In addition, the headset may have several other advantages. Two of the previously claimed 14 cameras will track your feet, giving you a full-body tracking advantage over Meta’s 10-camera device, which has no foot-tracking cameras. The device is also likely to be lighter than the Quest Pro.

Earlier information pointed to other premium features, including high-resolution displays, detailed facial expression tracking, and the ability to attach individual prescription lenses magnetically.

Many expect the headset to launch in 2023. The question is how much the device will cost. Some are calling the price at $3,000. So far, that doesn’t seem affordable for most users. That’s why it’s likely to be limited to developers and other professional creators first.



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