Google Stadia is shutting down soon

You should move your games and saves.

How to delete Google Chat messages

If you need to delete a message in Google Chat, you should find out in this article.

Google plans big AI language mannequin supporting the world’s 1,000 most spoken languages

Google has announced an ambitious new project to develop a unified AI language model.

Google widgets are now available on your iOS 16 lock screen

The long-awaited Dino widget from Google is finally here.

Google Fiber will offer new high-speed internet plans in early 2023

Reportedly, two plans will be introduced. 5 and 8 Gbps.

Google approved Truth Social to appear on the Play Store

Trump's social media app appeared on iOS back in February.

Google announced a steel Pixel Watch with ECG and Wear OS 3

The Wi-Fi version will cost $350, while the LTE model - at $400.

Google rolled out its latest guaranteed software update for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL

Updates for the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G will still be released in 2023.

Why is Google shutting down video game streaming service Stadia?

What date should we expect Stadia to close?

How to fix the ‘Unable to Connect to Chat’ error in Google Chat

You can easily fix this error using these simple steps.

Google reveals their new Chromecast

Google released a cheaper model of their streaming device - Chromecast HD

How to turn off Google SafeSearch on desktop or mobile devices

SafeSearch may be annoying, so you may need to disable it. Here's how.

iOS 16 has a widget-shaped shortcut for playing Dino in Chrome

The good old Google dinosaur won't let you get bored if your Apple device loses internet connection.

How to disable trending searches in Google

Don't want to see popular searches on Google anymore? Here's how you can easily disable this feature.

Google is testing a ‘clear calling’ feature for Android phone calls

Google did a good job with the noise reduction in the Pixel Buds. But what about phone calls?

Google recommends updating Chrome – hackers are already using the new vulnerability

Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac and Linux should install the latest browser update to protect against a serious security vulnerability that is already being actively exploited by hackers.

Google Pixel 7 will be announced in October

The release of the new Google Pixel 7 is closer than you think. Google has set a date for its next event.

Google Pixel 7 Pro was shown in an out-of-the-box video ahead of the presentation

The latest leak is very similar to the actual design of the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Meet borrows the Zoom feature for easy unmute

Google is copying one of Zoom's features. It's essentially push-to-talk, but it will be available in Google Meet.

Google Play Games come to PC with Public Beta in 5 countries

Although it was announced that Windows 11 will be able to support Android applications, but so far the most popular android store was not on the PC. Now the Google Play Store will be available in beta in 5 countries.

Google TV gets better performance and it’s even easier to manage apps now

The new Google TV update will not let you doubt that the company monitors feedback and strives to improve its services.

What we need to know about Google fight vs third-party cookies and FLoC

Many people have heard that Google announced that it would soon stop supporting third-party cookies. But what exactly does this mean, and what tools will Google Chrome offer instead of cookies?

The new Pixel 6A from Google can now install the updated beta version of Android 13

Google released the latest Android 13 beta-version update for Pixel 6A.

Google won’t shut down Stadia

There was a misunderstanding with Google's Stadia service. It turns out that there are no plans to close it.

3D aerial photos of famous landmarks are now available on Google Maps

You can now enjoy aerial views of famous landmarks on Google Maps. Moreover, there are a couple of new features you can enjoy with new Google Maps update.

How to turn off Google Lens in Google Chrome

How will not having Google Lens in Google Chrome affect you? Should you follow the steps to disable Google Lens?

How to remove search engines from Google Chrome

You may have too many of search engines in your Google Chrome, However, there is a way to remove them.

How to copy a formula down a column in Google Sheets

First, there was Excel. Then Google created a more concise, technologically advanced, and usable version of spreadsheets, which is now used in a variety...

What is the VLOOKUP function in Google Sheets and how to use it?

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How to delete folders in Gmail

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How to make Google a default search engine in Microsoft Edge?

You've probably experienced more than once when you wanted to search for something through the quick search on the bottom bar of the desktop,...

Why you can’t buy Amazon books from Kindle Books on an Android device?

Amazon is a huge company that specializes in completely different areas. From the sale and delivery of various things, including books, to streaming movies,...

How to add an automatic reply in Gmail

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How to control your screen time on Android devices

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How to manually reset Chromecast explained

Many people have heard of Google Chromecast, but not everyone knows what it is and how to use it. To be brief, it is...

Does Nest Thermostat need a WiFi connection to work

Smart thermostats make your home more comfortable and help you save on energy costs. Do the price of these devices and the hassle of...

How to delete Hangout mesages for both sides

Many people have had situations where you have already said something, but realized that you shouldn't have said it. But everything has already been...

How to make two columns in Google Docs

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How to delete blank page in Google Docs – here’s what you should know

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How to remove page on Google Docs

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What is today’s date formula in Excel and Google Sheets

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How to unhide a column in Google Sheets

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Does Google Home mini use a lot of electricity

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Amazon Eero vs Google Nest Wi-Fi router: Which one is better?

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How to fix network error when downloading from Google Drive

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What to do if Chromecast source isn’t supported: How to fix

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