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3D aerial photos of famous landmarks are now available on Google Maps

Google hasn’t yet finished the 3D “immersive view” in its Maps app. But for now, you can already enjoy aerial views of about 100 famous landmarks. You can virtually visit Alcatraz in San Francisco, the Empire State Building in New York, Big Ben in London, and other places.

The feature combines AI with billions of images (including satellite imagery and Street View) to create realistic 3D views. The feature initially works as a preview tool for tourists, but it is also a convenient way to satisfy your curiosity without having to buy a plane or train ticket. Aerial views are available to users all over the world. You just need to find the attraction on Google Maps and go to Photos.

There are also a couple of more common, yet practical, updates.

Bicycle navigation in Google Maps has gotten even better. It now adds more detailed route information, including heavy car traffic, stairs, steep climbs, and road types. It will also make it easier for you to compare routes and measure distance.

Furthermore, the new location sharing notifications let you know when your friend is arriving at (or leaving) a certain location. This can help you know, for example, when your friends have reached the place where you agreed to meet to go to an event.

The notifications are only triggered for people who have already agreed to share their location, and Google promises that in-app and email notifications will keep people from leaving the sharing on longer than necessary.



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