Anticipated Sequel ‘Top Gun 3’ Set to Launch into Production in 2025

"Top Gun 3," set for 2025 production start and 2026 release, continues the iconic franchise's legacy, as reported by The World of Reel.

George R. R. Martin Shares Impressions from His Visit to the ‘House of the Dragon’ Set

George R. R. Martin visited "House of the Dragon" set; praised dark, emotional episodes; discussed future seasons.

Fortnite presents a new LEGO mode

Fortnite introduces LEGO mode: Survival, creative building, settlement development, multiplayer function, no additional downloads, innovative game mechanics, cooperation, new challenges.

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Steam users have trouble gifting games to friends

It's the season of gifting for many gamers, but some Steam users have become frustrated with the fact that they can't gift games to some of their friends.

Spotify may have its main podcast creation tool

How will Spotify evolve in this area?

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Autumn Sale started on Steam

Lots of iconic games at crazy discounts.

GeForce NOW will add 26 games in November and 11 new games this week

The highly anticipated Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is also among these 26 games.

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