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Deezer can now detect the songs you’re humming

If you suddenly remember the tune of a song but can’t remember its title, you can hum it, and Deezer will find it for you. The music streaming service has updated its SongCatcher feature in the app, and now it can identify a track simply by humming or even whistling parts of it.

Once it identifies a track, it will show you an information page with its title, artist, and single/album artwork, where you can listen to the song, add it to your playlist or queue and add it to your favorites.

Deezer claims to be the only music streaming service with an in-app track recognition feature that includes humming and whistling, but it’s worth noting that you can do the same thing with Google search. Nevertheless, some users have already pointed out that Google works better in this regard.

This is a handy feature if you are a subscriber because you can directly add songs to your playlists. To identify songs by humming, you should go to Search, tap on What’s this song to launch SongCatcher, and choose Sing Now.

Developers will likely improve the feature so users can easily search for songs. Alexandra Leloup, VP Core Product at the company, explained: “As we keep improving the algorithm, the feature will become faster and even more accurate when it comes to recognizing songs across our 90 million track library.”



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