Logitech unveils its first mechanical keyboard for Mac

Logitech has announced the first mechanical keyboard “optimized for Mac.” As the model name (MX Mechanical Mini for Mac) suggests, the keyboard is an improved version of the MX Mechanical Mini that Logitech released earlier this year. It’s one of four new Mac accessories the company is announcing, including the MX Master 3S mouse for Mac, the Lift ergonomic mouse for Mac, and the K380 Bluetooth keyboard for Mac.

Features of the new keyboard include removing the Windows and Alt keys on the original MX Mechanical Mini, leaving only the Option and Command keys for macOS. According to Logitech spokesperson Delphine Donne, along with the dark gray version, the keyboard is also available in a new light gray color scheme, designed to provide a “consistent design aesthetic” when used with Macs.

By default, however, the keyboard doesn’t have a key to open Mission Control in macOS. So far, the keyboard is only available with low-profile tactile switches, without any indication of the linear or click switches that were available for the cross-platform version.

Also, the MX Mechanical Mini only works via Bluetooth and doesn’t come with Logitech wireless USB dongles, 9to5Mac reports. That makes sense, given that Logitech’s dongles haven’t yet moved to USB Type-C, but it does mean the accessories are a little less versatile.

All four devices go on sale this month and will be sold at the same price as previous versions. The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac is $149.99, the K380 for Mac is $39.99, the MX Master 3S for Mac is $99.99, and the Lift for Mac is $69.99.



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