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Why does YouTube Music keeps pausing? How to fix

YouTube Music on all devices usually works without problems. However, users have the problem that YouTube Music keeps pausing. This problem prevents you from listening to music to the fullest, so it needs to be solved.

For many people, the pause while listening to tracks appears at random moments. There is no pattern; it happens to everyone at different times and on different devices. This problem can appear on a smartphone and a Desktop. You will need different solutions for different devices.

What are the reasons YouTube Music keeps pausing on mobile devices?

YouTube Music is most often used on smartphones, so more users face the problem that the service is pausing. At the same time, there are many more reasons why YouTube Music keeps pausing on mobile devices than on the desktop.

Internet connection problems

A bad Internet connection is one of the most common reasons why YouTube Music keeps pausing. No matter if your Internet connection is bad or the speed of the Internet is slow, the track will constantly stop and the app can’t load the next part of the desired audio track instantly.

Settings your app

Many users use the YouTube Music timer function before sleep or performing other tasks. This can be why the music stops because the timer can be triggered for the next day, and the action can be repeated.

Problems with the software

This isn’t the most common cause, but it’s one of them. YouTube Music keeps pausing may be due to system errors. The app on your device may be out of date. As a result, it can cause audio tracks to stop playing.

What are the reasons YouTube Music keeps pausing on the desktop?

A couple of years ago, YouTube started detecting the period of user inactivity on the computer and stopping video playback. This is necessary to save traffic and advertising budgets because if the user isn’t in front of the screen, they won’t see ads.

Soon YouTube Music started working in a similar way and pausing on the desktop only for other reasons. The main reasons YouTube Music keeps pausing on the desktop are the following.

A virus in your browser

In case you have a virus in your browser, you probably have more than a problem with YouTube Music keeping pausing. Usually, this is accompanied by long page loads, popups with ads, and even the opening of spam windows or third-party sounds and videos. This is what can stop YouTube Music from working and pausing your track.

The problem with extensions

Browser extensions are sometimes a necessary thing to make some work easier. However, it can also have a negative impact on your use of the browser. If you have a lot of different extensions installed, most often it’s an ad blocker that can block the playback of tracks and videos. This can interfere with not only using YouTube Music but also just YouTube.

Temporary files error

Now and then, you need to clean the cache files and cookies in your browser, as this can be the problem why YouTube Music keeps pausing on the desktop. This is because the music is pre-loaded into temporary files, and later they can conflict with each other.

How to fix YouTube Music pausing?

If you haven’t figured out what exactly is causing YouTube Music pausing, follow each solution to fix it.

Check your Internet connection

No matter what device you use, a poor Internet connection may be the main cause. Therefore, you can try connecting to the Wi-Fi using a different device and test it. The most effective way is to test using Fast.com. After that, reboot your router and if the speed is slow, contact your ISP.

Reboot your device

One of the most effective methods, especially if you don’t know the problem. Try restarting the app or browser and restarting your device. Although it’s a rather trivial way of solving the problem, it can help eliminate the conflicts of running processes and start YouTube Music from scratch.

Update the app and the system

In order to update an app, you need to open the AppStore or PlayMarket and find YouTube Music in the list and click on Update. Quite often crashes happen because there are critical bugs in the app. The developers can fix them in the new update.

Check your device for viruses

If there are malicious files on your PC or browser, you should take more serious solutions. Since viruses can affect not only the YouTube Music website but can have quite serious consequences for your PC. Run a diagnostic on your device and remove all suspicious programs and files that can cause problems. After that, it’s better to restart your PC. It’s also possible that a serious virus is installed on your PC and sometimes you need help from a specialist.



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