You can earn money through Discord

How do you monetize your servers now?

Apple forced Coinbase to remove NFT transfers from the iOS wallet

Coinbase is blaming Apple for forcing them to remove NFT transfers from their Wallet app on iOS.

Apple threatens Elon Musk to remove the Twitter app

What can Twitter do to get them removed from the App Store?

UK relaxes rules for Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter

I wonder how it will work. We should now expect more details from the government.

How to turn off iMessage for one person

Is it possible to turn off iMessage for one person? What do you need to do?

Chinese police search phones for Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram

What caused the Chinese police to search people?

How to mute a host on Zoom

You can control the sound settings if you need to.

How to build your personal brand on YouTube

What are the challenges in the initial stages of building a personal brand? What does it take?

Why do iMessages turn green?

What is the difference between green and blue messages?

How to create and save tab groups in Google Chrome

In order to organize your workspace, understand what tab groups in Google Chrome are.

Tesla is working on a redesign of the Model 3

A new Model 3 is in development. What should we expect from it?

Meta is fined $276 million for leaking Facebook data

More than 533 million users were involved in the Facebook data leak.

How to mute meetings in Zoom

You can easily mute meetings in Zoom if necessary.

Can you see who disliked your video on YouTube?

What information does YouTube give you about people who are disliking? You can find out about that in this post.

How to connect Sony headphones to Mac

It only takes a few clicks to connect Sony headphones to Mac.

Domino’s will have a fleet of GM Chevy Bolt EVs for delivery

How it will work. And when will the first cars be delivering pizza across the U.S.?

Where to find saved videos on YouTube

You can easily find where your YouTube videos are saved.

Why does YouTube Music keeps pausing? How to fix

If YouTube Music often pauses on your device, you should learn about these fixes.

Why is Disney Plus not working on your Mac?

If you find your Mac in a situation where Disney Plus doesn't work, you should find out how to solve the problem.

How to see who liked your YouTube video

You can find out if this function is available on YouTube.

Amazon is working on a series about FTX

So far, it's reported that Amazon has already given the green lit to a FTX mini-series

Can you see missed calls from blocked numbers on your iPhone?

Once you've blocked a contact, you should find out how it works.

How to dial letters on iPhone

You can figure out how to dial letters on your iPhone quite easily.

How to find someone on Venmo

To send and receive money, you need to add users to your account. There are three ways to do this.

Does the alarm go off on Do Not Disturb on iPhone?

Many people think about this before an important meeting. So figure out how Do Not Disturb on iPhone works.

A new scheme of scammers with fake invoice

In order to protect yourself, learn about new methods of scamming.

Twitter is hiring new employees after layoffs

Can this be considered the end of the firing phase?

How to hide the Location Services icon from the status bar on iPhone

You can quite simply manage the location services icon on your iPhone.

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