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How to play MOV files on Windows 11

The MOV format was developed by Apple and is similar to MP4, MKV, or WMV. It contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a specific data type. These files include video, audio, subtitles, and timecodes. This format was developed exclusively for their QuickTime multimedia environment and the Quicktime player. But along with that, if you need to open MOV files on Windows, you can do so.

Windows also supports the MOV format. But the built-in Windows media player does not play all versions of MOV format. That’s why you’ll need to install additional programs to open all MOV formats on Windows 11.

What are the ways to open a MOV file?

Because Windows does not support all versions of the MOV format, you will need to install one extension. This works so that if the MOV file is encoded with an unsupported codec, you won’t be able to open it, in which case you’ll get a black screen, or the MOV file only plays the sound. Also, after playing a MOV video, you will often see a message on the screen saying you need a new codec.

Below you can choose one of such extensions, check out the pros and cons of each of them, and then choose the one you need and follow the link to install it.


KMPlayer is a program that will play videos, subtitles, and screen captures. This player is designed for Windows and macOS operating systems. In fact, it has a lot of advantages.

This program can automatically improve the quality and equalize the sound. It can also play multistream videos. KMPlayer works in such a way that it is equally good at playing modern videos in 4K and low-quality clips in older formats. You can download clips from the net for later viewing offline.


5KPlayer opens up a lot of possibilities while using it. This service allows you to compress audio and video used in CDs and DVDs, as well as multi-streaming with up to 4K resolution. 5KPlayer also supports Apple AirPlay. So you can display your iPad or iPhone screens, on your PC or laptop.

5KPlayer is a media player with a streaming media server. Also, using it you can play media files, even in rare formats.

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is the highest rated video conversion software. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory gives you the ability to convert almost all video formats and codecs.

This option is best if you don’t want to install the MOV codec on your system. This program will help you convert MOV to WMV, MP4, H264, MPEG, and other formats.

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory software has been authenticated by Microsoft and received a Microsoft code signing certificate. Also, the creator states that the software is completely clean, which means that the program will not bring any threat to your PC.

​Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is also a fairly popular media player for adjusting all the settings for comfortable video viewing. Using this, you can add subtitles to the desired video. Another important function is viewing movies online via a link without downloading them to your computer.

Media Player Classic is an open-source media player. It allows watching videos with sound in all the most common formats. At the same time, play and rewind Flash animation from a web browser on your tablet.

Also, while using this program, you will not get tired of ads or toolbars. The site also states that this media player is completely safe for your device.

Users note the interface of the player. It looks familiar to many people because it is based on the older Media Player Classic and the interface is based on the Windows 95 / XP Media Player. But to me it looks more outdated already.

If you need to choose a program to use quite often, you can open each link and explore more information on their websites. The programs I described above are the most used and convenient for playing MOV files on Windows 11.



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