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How to turn off Safe Search on Google in a few simple steps

SafeSearch is used to provide users with safe space without explicit content. Explicit content may be harmful to some groups of people and in order to reduce sensitive content, Google has provided its users with this filter. If you want to use content to the maximum and be able to see the most shocking content, this function can be turned off in several steps on desktops and mobiles.

If you are signed in to your Google account from several devices, you only need to disable SafeSearch on one of them to disable it on all devices.

How to turn off SafeSearch on your Desktop

  • Whatever operating system you have : Mac, Windows, Linux or Chromebook computer, you should open a web browser and go to Google Search.
  • At the right corner in the bottom of the Google Site, there will be ”Settings”. Press it.
  • When the menu will appear, click on ”Search Settings”.
  • On the ”Search Settings” page you will find the ”SafeSearch Filters” section and the option ”Turn on SafeSearch”. Toggle off the button.
  • After that scroll down the page. To save the changes you should click ”Save” at the bottom.
  • At the end, a prompt ”Your preferences have been saved” will appear. Accept it.

Everything is really easy. In your forward searches, Google will include all results, even those which contain explicit content.

How to turn off SafeSearch on your mobile

As many people nowadays use phones more often than desktops, Google also has a quite easy system for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. There are a few steps to make the option ”SafeSearch” disabled.

  • First, launch the Google site.
  • At the bottom of the page click ”Settings”.
  • In the menu that will appear tap ”Search Settings”.
  • Find the ”SafeSearch Filters” section and turn off the ”Show Explicit Results” option.
  • Finally, save the changes by scrolling down the page and tapping ”Save”.
  • Accept the prompt ”Your preferences have been saved”.

Sometimes, you can’t turn this option off.

Why it is impossibly to turn off the option SafeSearch

If the instructions to turn “SafeSearch” off don’t work on your device, there are a couple of things that you need to check in this case:

  • Check the network which you are using.

The network may be “safe”, such as school or workplace, where the option is used to comply with organization policy.

  • Check your Internet Service provider.

In order to comply with government regulations, your Internet Service provider may have implemented a default SafeSearch filter. This may save children from watching bad content. It is a common situation in some countries like UK and some Middle Eastern countries. So you need to check with your provider, you might need to opt it out, change a setting or even change your provider.

As you see, turning off this option isn’t as complicated, as you might think it would be, the only thing you need to be able to watch all content, is to have your device with you. In this way, you may filter your search whenever you want.

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