Adobe acquires Figma for $20 billion, aiming at collaborative creation

Adobe is moving into team-based creation by acquiring collaborative design platform Figma for $20 billion. The acquisition was made both in shares and cash. That’s, by the way, the largest purchase of a private software company in history.

According to Adobe, this investment should accelerate web creativity and collaborative creation. This purchase may help to make Adobe’s Creative Cloud stack deeper on the Internet and in team collaboration. For Figma software and utilities, on the other hand, that means that some of Adobe’s features may appear on Figma’s platform.

By the way, the deal needs to get approval from both government regulators and shareholders, but companies expect to close it in 2023.

What about Figma’s executive staff? Well, Figma’s chief Dylan Field will remain at the helm but would report to Adobe’s digital media lead David Wadhwani.

What would happen with the Figma platform? Dylan Field has written a blog post that expressed that Adobe is “deeply committed” to remaining Figma autonomous entity. So it looks like (at least at the moment) that will be no changes in pricing, and Figma will remain free for students, teachers, and professors.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
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