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Why you should wait before buying a new iPhone?

Just now, after the presentation of the new iPhones, many users are already preparing their wallets and are going to run to buy a new smartphone. However, you should think about whether such a purchase will be worth it or not.

The fact that now the iPhones have a maximum price, as well as the prices of older models have not yet had time to sink. These are just the first reasons why you should think about it and not buy a new iPhone right now. If you want to save your finances, then you will be better off waiting a bit, then you can get a much better deal.

Why you shouldn’t buy a new iPhone now?

Surely when you saw the new iPhone 14 Pro you wanted to explore all the new features and functions of his “island” and you have already started collecting money to buy it. However, I would advise you not to rush into it.

iPhone 14 Pro / apple.com

In fact, now might be the worst time to upgrade your iPhone. The fact is that at the release the price of new iPhones will be maximum. Moreover, to buy them in the store you will have to stand in a huge line and they can run out.

Moreover, the first revision of iPhones may contain technical problems or different problematic places which were not taken into consideration during the tests. Of course, this occurs in today’s Apple is quite rare, but it can still happen.

Also, if you want to buy not the latest iPhones and want to buy an older model, you should understand that the price of old iPhones has not yet had time to drop. Of course, in some places, it may have dropped a bit, but you need to give a little time for the prices of previous models to settle down.

I would advise you to wait for a little and try the upcoming iOS 16 on your old iPhone, as well as wait for different reviews on it with a list of bugs and other things. Then you can see if you really need this smartphone and if it is worth the money.

When you better buy the next iPhone?

If you still want to buy a new iPhone, I would advise you to wait. The iPhone price might drop before the Christmas holidays. In addition, many stores will be offering bargains at that time. You can also wait a little bit until Black Friday.

It’s also a good idea to wait until later in the winter, like January or February. Then the prices should also drop considerably. Plus the price will also drop for older models as well as newer ones and used ones.

If you still can’t wait and you want to get the update right now you can look at other Apple products. Such as the new AirPods Pro 2 or even the new Apple Watch models. The price of them probably won’t change much.

What other ways to save your money?

If you don’t really want to wait, but at the same time want to save your finances, there are a few more tricks you can do to save money. Of course, these are not ideal solutions, but you can use them if you don’t feel like waiting.

For example, you can buy yourself refurbished iPhones. These are iPhones that have been returned because they were defective or for other reasons. Apple fixes and tests these smartphones at its own expense and then sells them at a reduced price.

Also, if you have not used an iPhone before and are not sure whether you like it, you can use the service of renting. Many stores allow you to rent an iPhone for a monthly fee. After that, you can return it and buy your own.



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