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Why is repair cheaper with an interior designer?

Many people think that the services of an interior designer are expensive. It’s not because the designer’s many actions help you to save money. At the same time, when buying small condos or apartments, an interior designer can help you get more out of your space.

Also, designers provide different types of services, which changes the price. You don’t have to hire this specialist to do the entire project.

What are the stages of the interior designer?

Once the interior designer has received an inquiry about an object, the following stages of work follow:

  • Negotiating and contracting. This stage is the most important because, after that, the most difficult work begins. Because at this stage, the design team and the customer to discuss further cooperation. Usually, the customer specifies all the necessary things in an apartment or house. After this, the designer fills out a brief and inscribes the main tasks. Then the designer and the customer sign the form.
  • Measurements. The designer and his team come to the house or apartment at this stage. The team makes measurements of the premises. At this stage, customers may be present to discuss further action. However, most often, at this stage, the designer begins his work.
  • Layout development. Taking into account your wishes and lifestyle, the designer develops the first variants of layouts. On the forms, you see the furniture, doors, partitions with dimensions, and how much space is left. Together with the plans, you’re presented with style collages of the future interior, where you see suggestions for color palettes, furniture, and interior ambiance.

Many companies present the customer with about 3-5 types of apartment layouts. For a house, they usually develop up to 3-4. Depends on the area and the agreements between the designer and the client.

  • Creating 3D visualization. In the visualization, you will see how the interior will be in life—lighting, natural finish materials, matt, glossy surfaces, distribution of reflections, and color design.

This stage is the most important for the client and the designer. As it’s from the visualization, the client can understand what he expects and, at this stage, change some details if necessary.

  • Creation of drawings. Creating drawings is an important step for the designer. The customer is practically not involved in this. Since after the layout is agreed upon, all design ideas are transferred to the working draft. ert drawings are developed in detail so that the builders can easily read the project and bring the interior to life. Usually, these drawings are also detailed data on plumbing, electrical, and ventilation.

Together with the drawings, the designer prepares an estimate for materials and furniture. In the bill of quantities, you will see the furniture selected with you during the project, the names, and the number of custom items needed for the repair.

Why does a designer help you save money?

The designer’s task is to make your home not only beautiful but also perfect for you, that is functional. More often than not, people with jobs and other responsibilities cannot plan the space of a house or apartment perfectly. The reason for this is a lack of time and experience. While a designer will make every corner of the area functional and practical.

The designer knows how to save money on those elements of repair that allow it. Likewise, this specialist knows exactly what to save money on so that after a while, you don’t need to make repairs again and spend your money. Sometimes the services of a designer will cost you less than fixing the mistakes of self-replanning and repair.

Also, the designer knows how and where you can buy and order cheaper. Since quite often many furniture companies provide a discount for regular customers. The designer is a regular customer, leading many projects. Therefore, the designer often knows marketplaces where you can buy cheaper.

The client can save money by hiring builders even with the designer’s services. Because most often, the designer works with the same team of builders. So they won’t fail and won’t have to hire other specialists and spend more money.

Most designers prepare design projects, so the repair isn’t outdated after five years. That way, after a couple of years, you won’t get bored living in this house and won’t need to replace expensive furniture again.

Also, if you want to save money, the designer can prepare only the layout and 3D visualization on request. So you will only get a plan for which you will repair yourself. If looking for a foreman and builders, you will need to buy everything you need in furniture and interior stores. So won’t do all your repairs, and your cooperation will end at the stage of sending you the layout. Not that it will save your budget, but if you like to do it, it may be interesting.



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