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How to save money washing clothes?

Many people think about the topic of resource consumption. Some people do it because of the environmental damage, while others do it in addition to reducing their bills. Either way, more people need to think about it. Washing machines and dryers are used frequently and consume a lot of electricity.

How do you cut costs?

Several ways can help you significantly reduce costs without too much discomfort.

Consider peak and off-peak hours.

In many areas, the utility company charges extra for peak usage hours. Peak hours are certain times of the day when your area’s electricity use increases. To reduce the load, they have made this policy. People have to pay extra when you use your washing machine during these times.

To save money, don’t use your dishwasher, washer, or dryer during these times. If you don’t know if you’re on a pay-as-you-go plan, check with your utility company.

Load an entire washing machine.

It seems pretty logical. To avoid doing a lot of laundries, you can load everything in a few washes. Since for one cycle, the washing machine generates the same amount of resources. Therefore, it’s better to wait with washing until a full load.

Wash clothes in cold mode.

Most laundry detergent works just as well in cold water. Many people think differently and set the temperature high. However, remember that the higher you set the temperature, the longer the washer will take since you need time to heat the water. Thus, these actions waste more resources. 90% of the energy used for laundry goes to water heating.

So choosing cold water, you can get clean clothes faster since the washing process is concise. At the same time, hard water also helps to prevent color fading. For most woolen clothes, this is necessary so that the thing doesn’t get smaller.

It’s recommended to use hot water only for bedding and towels. Because it will help kill bacteria. Many people also include children’s clothing. Read the recommendation for washing children’s clothes on your product’s package. Most products handle this in cold water as well.

Select the quick wash mode.

The washing machine has many washing modes. Among them, there are several that wash clothes for hours. Usually, these modes are gentle. This one is unnecessary if you load regular T-shirts and jeans. You can choose the standard fast method. You don’t want to wash ordinary fabrics for several hours at a time. Half an hour is quite enough to wash.



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