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How to build your personal brand on YouTube

Many people strive to have a popular YouTube channel or page on social networks. Many are starting to do this, but few create a successful personal brand on YouTube. It’s not enough to create high-quality videos. Maybe at the beginning of YouTube, when there was little competition, it was enough. But now you have to take into account a lot of factors to develop your channel.

Many think a personal brand is necessary only for already known people. However, that’s not the case. You can be no one famous person, but a good specialist in his business. You can get more clients if you broadcast some skills on your block. You can also create only entertaining content on the YouTube platform.

Who needs a personal brand and why?

At first glance, it seems that not every profession needs a personal blog. Also, many people believe that a YouTube channel is only necessary for the creator of entertainment content. But this is far from it. Even if your goal isn’t to attract new customers through YouTube, you can additionally earn on this.

If you film some of the processes and stages of your work, you can get some people interested in your professionalism. Then you can become a coach and train others for money.

People like actors, singers, and other creative professionals need a personal brand to be recognized and to maintain popularity. Also, views on YouTube are one of the primary sources of income.

You also need your YouTube channel to create your courses and teach people. Many people start by creating training videos, then to get more knowledge, offer to buy a course

So in today’s world, almost everyone needs a recognizable image. А personal brand is just that. The personal brand includes knowledge, skills, unique solid qualities, style, special chips, ideas, and positions on some issues.

What steps do you need to take to build your personal brand on YouTube?

Many people think that to find your audience will be interested, you need only make a couple of videos. However, in today’s world, that’s not enough. Of course, there are unique cases when someone shoots a viral video, bringing millions of views and recognition. But it’s luck, so it’s worth discussing the action that will lead you to success.

Decide on an idea

You need to be clear about what content you can create. Realistically assess your strength so that your expectations don’t dissolve into reality and you despair. That is, decide what kind of idea you want to carry and what you can give to people. For what you will be watched.

Answer the questions: who are you? How can you be helpful to people? What do you want to achieve? This is the basis of positioning. Now you need to show what makes you different from your competitors and why you should be the one to turn to. Think about what your strengths are.

Create an idea of who your target audience is. To develop a promotional strategy, it’s helpful to create customer insights so that you better understand your audience’s needs and what they expect from you.

With this information in mind, you’ll be able to find the right tone, present yourself correctly, and create content that your target audience responds to. Knowing your subscribers’ pain points makes it easier to turn them into customers.

Create a ‘package’

This is the packaging of your personal brand. To get people interested in what you do, you have first to hook them with your personality and some outward attributes.

Clothing style, hairstyle, manner of communication – all this is desirable to think through and harmoniously fit into the image you create. Also, try to find some tricks and distinctive features. This can be both visual details and traits of behavior.

So it should not be contrived but at the same time distinguish you from others. If unsure, you can start by sharing information confidently and speaking clearly. Also, have a neat appearance. Over time you will figure out what you’re missing because it’s very individual.

Create content

This is the most crucial step in building a successful personal brand. Content needs to fit your image. Pay attention to the visuals: colors, patterns, photo style, feed, and text design. All of this helps convey the right message to your audience.

Publish videos with educational content, share expertise, break down misconceptions in your field, and show videos from events you’ve been to. Use infotainment – that way, more people will learn about you, and there’s a chance to hit the trends.

You have to shoot high-quality and valuable for your viewers. At the same time, the content should be well-edited. Cut out essential parts of the video so that it’s not long because the viewer will get bored and won’t watch the rest of the video. More often than not, no one will watch it next time.

How to promote your YouTube channel?

Because the competition on YouTube is relatively high, you need to promote your channel to make it more popular.

Before promoting your channel, you must make quality content first. Because if the content isn’t ready, you will only waste money on promotion and won’t get the desired result.

Use hashtags. Put hashtags in the description, use keywords, and periodically update information on older videos to boost them in search.
Pay for advertising from bloggers. Choose bloggers who create similar content to yours to keep viewers interested in your videos. This is costly but can attract subscribers if the opinion leader’s audience is close to yours.
Make promotional inserts. This can be set up in Google Ads. A short video about your channel will appear inside other users’ videos. Create them to hook a new viewer in a few seconds.

Conduct engaging live interviews with your audience. Be honest with your subscribers and be guided first and foremost by a love of your business and a desire to do good. Make content with your heart, and then you will succeed.



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