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What are the best apps to use to organize housework with your family?

AppStore and PlayMarket have many apps that help you manage and control your household chores and family budget. Most of these apps have a sharing option. This allows you and all family members to enter data.

More often than not, people with large families need an app. This will help organize daily household chores, make checklists for each room, and even delegate responsibilities to other family members.

What apps to choose for lists?

Often people with many responsibilities around the house, for raising children, have a list on the wall or the refrigerator. When it’s in a prominent place, all family members can participate and see what part of the tasks they must do. However, when there’s an option to keep lists on a mobile app, there’s a better chance of not missing something. If you include notifications, you’ll be even more comfortable. The most convenient apps are:

  • Trello. One of the most popular kanban board services. Trello is a versatile tool for running work and personal projects. To use and manage, you must create a board, name it ( for example, Thanksgiving), add cards ( to buy, to do), add participants and put deadlines and labels. 

The Trello website has board templates for different tasks. All the templates are on the homepage in a separate tab and categorized. 

Trello is suitable for the complete planning of all family matters. You can divide the boards by day of the week. Name your list with the days of the week and then arrange your tasks by these lists. Suitable if you have to synchronize your leisure time with the kids’ schedules, for example. 

You can also divide by the names of the housemates. You put the tasks assigned to each family member in lists with the terms of the relevant people. You can also divide things by room, which relates to each room of your house placed on the lists with the names of these rooms. For example, ‘kitchen’ – ‘to clean.’

  • Todoist. One of the most popular time and task management apps. Todoist works on a similar principle to Trello but has a different interface. You can use Todoist for both personal and collaborative tasks. 

You can create projects in it where you can add to-do lists, mark completed tasks, and set deadlines. For added incentive, you can track your productivity in Todoist. The more goals and tasks you meet your deadlines, the higher you will rank on the app.

Just as important is that Todoist syncs, and you can use this from all devices, along with your loved ones. 

  • Teuxdeux. This service is a task planner, almost an organizer. Teuxdeux is designed for personal use only. The functionality of Teuxdeux is quite handy and straightforward. It works in such a way that Teuxdeux sections into two parts. The expanded week is at the top, and the to-do list is below.

At the bottom of the screen is a place to create independent-themed to-do sheets. Depending on your needs, you can create one for yourself. You can also set every day, every month, or every year. Then the event will automatically start repeating on a given day at a specified interval. Also, in order not to forget about something, reminders are sent to your email. 

My favorite is Trello. Because this service is straightforward to use and allows you to create a lot of boards on work and personal issues. Also, the marking system conveniently attracts a participant to the board. 

What apps to choose for home budgeting?

Organizing your home budget isn’t just about reducing spending. Sometimes it’s necessary to keep track of all mandatory monthly payments. These may include mortgage payments, tuition, training, courses, parking, etc. The best apps for this are:

  • MoneyManager. It’s an app for managing the family budget—practically all the accounting on your smartphone. You can keep a log of expenses and income, plan a budget by different categories of costs, and see fees by categories in infographics. Also, manage credit and debit cards, transfer funds between assets, and create recurring transactions. It’s convenient for the repayment of loans.
  • Spendee. The task of this app is to keep track of your finances. It’s convenient to use Spendee because you can connect a bank account to control your expenses. It’s also possible to create different wallets for specific purposes.

You can also create an account for family accounting with synchronization between devices. So this app is quite handy for spouses.

Many books and podcasts from experts on managing the family budget more appropriately. At the same time, it’s essential to set aside a portion of your income so that you can live on that money for about a year in case of emergencies. Other people think that they are bound to happen if you set up an account for such situations. However, you can always call your account ‘Saving for a better day’. 



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