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Does McDonald’s accept Google Pay

In today’s world, people are more and more beginning to prefer the use of contactless payment methods. Many people stop paying by cash altogether or do it in rare cases when they simply have no other choice. Especially in the last few years, due to the epidemiological situation in the world, it’s recommended to pay contactless in order to reduce the risk of virus transmission through paper money.

Fortunately, many different methods of contactless payment have recently emerged. One such service is Google Pay. This payment service from Google allows you, without much effort, to pay for purchases with your Android smartphone in stores, gas stations, on the Internet, in mobile apps, restaurants, bars and cafes, and everywhere else where there is a so-called payment terminal. Usually, these terminals have a Google Pay icon or symbol on them, which means that you can pay using this service.

Many people are asking if they can pay for food at McDonald’s using Google Pay. So, here’s about whether Mcdonald’s accepts Google Pay and how to use it.

What is McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain that sells burgers, fries, chicken, breakfast items, salads, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts. It’s the largest restaurant chain by revenue in the world. McDonald’s began in 1940 in San Bernadino, California, and today has more than 38,000 restaurants.

What is Google Pay and does McDonald’s accept it

Google Pay is an easy-to-use contactless payment method that works with your Google devices like the Google Watch and iPhone. You can use it in person in stores, through apps, or online. It’s a safe and secure way to pay. Gone are the days of waiting for change or using a credit card reader with thousands of other dirty cards already in it. Google Pay: The modern way to pay for the modern world.

In a regular store at the checkout, you can simply put your smartphone to the payment terminal and your purchase will be paid for – no cash, no plastic card, and no PIN code. In apps or online stores that you visit with your smartphone, you can pay with Google Pay, too, if the merchant supports this payment method. For example, you can use Google Pay to pay for a cab call via Uber.

McDonald’s accepts Google Pay as a payment method in the restaurant, in McDrive, and in the mobile app. McDonald’s was a very early adopter of Google Pay, years ahead of its competitors.

How to use Google Pay

Google Pay is supported on all Android smartphones starting from Android 4.4. You can find out the Android version of your smartphone by going to “System” and “About phone” in the settings. To pay in regular offline stores, your smartphone must have a built-in NFC chip. Newer models of smartphones usually have it. You can check its presence by finding the appropriate item in the settings of your smartphone, or simply by reading the specifications of the device on the Internet.

To use Google Pay, you first need to download and set up the free Google Pay app for Android. It’s important to use the app, your smartphone must have the official firmware installed. In addition, the app may not start if the smartphone has root access, that is, superuser rights. In addition, the screen lock must be enabled on the phone, so that no one else can use your data to pay.

After installing the app (it is, of course, free of charge) you need to go into the settings of your smartphone and turn on NFC. Then you need to configure the lock screen with a password or picture key. After that, you can launch the app.

To use the payment system, you need to enter your bank card (or cards, if you have more than one) into the app. If you’ve linked your bank card to your Google account-some smartphones offer to do this directly when you first set up your phone-the app will “pick it up” automatically.

How to enable Google Pay on Android

If you want to enable Google Pay on your Android device, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open the Google Pay app.
  • Then, tap on the “Menu” button and select “Payment methods”.
  • After that, select the payment method you want to set up and choose “Enable contactless”.
  • Finally, verify your payment method by following Google’s instructions.

How to pay in McDonald’s using Google Pay

If you want to pay in McDonald’s using Google Pay on your Android device, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, press the back of your phone against the contactless payment device. This is usually attached to the machine where you usually insert your credit card.
  • When the payment is complete, a blue checkmark will appear on your phone screen.
  • Some stores will ask you to enter a PIN when you pay with a debit card or sign with a credit card.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to pay in McDonald’s using Google Pay.

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